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UNC paths

By total geek ·
I am trying to clean up some user computers from a client. The problem that I have is the previous IT person created UNC paths on start up. I have not been able to find where he has done this and I can't even get into MSCONFIG. It comes up saying that it isn't loaded.

How do I get rid of this? The computers will be used for personal use and I don't want it to looking for network paths every time it boots up. One of them open up the System32 folder once it has booted up as well.

Please help.


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by TheChas In reply to UNC paths

What OS is on these PCs?

msconfig is not native to Windows 2000.

A dumb question, why are you not wiping the hard drives and performing a clean installation of the OS?

Gets around configuration problems and assures that any data and user information is totally removed from the PC.

Further, if these PCs have OEM or Corporate license versions of Windows on them, it may be a violation of the EULA to transfer them from the original owner with the OS they were shipped with.

Off the pulpit.

Have you logged in as administrator?
Do you even have the admin password?

Short of msconfig, you need to do it the old fashioned way.

Check the Run keys in the registry.

Check boot.ini

Check the legacy system files:
autoexec, config, Windows, System

I would still vote for a fresh clean installation of Windows. That way, you know there are not any restrictions that you did not check for that will give the new users problems.


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by ReWrite In reply to UNC paths

As always, I agree with theChas. A fresh install of whatever os you are using would be the best. If this is not possible here is a link to a standalone app called Startup Control Panel and will show you everything msconfig does and more. Get the executable version:



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by Poettone In reply to UNC paths

Ok straight to the point.

Depending on how the previous systems were setup.. Local/Domain users, roaming profiles etc the start up items are as started.

1. Startup folder for
a. the currently logged on user
b. the default or all users folder
2. Scripts that run when a user logs on. These could be delivered to a user through GPO even before the user sees the desktop. Probable
3. Either Msconfig/Registry
a. One note on the registry, it is not limited to only the on key HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run that can effect start up applications. There are actually several locations that can perform the same action, some are hidden.
Other locations would be the above with >runonce, HKCurrentuser>same paths as above, the HKUSERS>S- WHATEVER WHATEVER SAME PATH AS ABOVE..among others.

I'm in agreement with the previous advice as well, in the if this is a clean slate (sounds like they want that) then the only way to be sure you don't have future issues is to reinstall from scratch.. Now the typical Payee doesn't usually want to pay for this, but it Critical that you apply your knowledge into making them do it for their own good.

Oh yea, and don't forget about Sysinternals? What you haven't heard of them. Well listen up, they evne have a tool for doing what you want automatically.. Yes, I said automatically...:)
Heres the link:

I wish you luck my friend

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by LiamE In reply to UNC paths

Great answers so far.

Could also be on server based login script...

*cough* clean install *cough*

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