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unchangeable desktop

By jackkorn ·
My desktop cannot be permenantly changed. I can add, delete and move icons; but after signoff, and reboot, the icons are as before, in columns on the left side of the sceen.

The present computer has 3 identities: default, and 2 other users.

o/s Windows 98-se; pentium 100;

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by c.barnhorst In reply to unchangeable desktop

Do you have autoarrange checked? (right click on desktop, etc). If so, try unchecking it.

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Thanks for the Autoarrange suggestion.

by jackkorn In reply to autoarrange?

Thanks for the Autoarrange suggestion. Even though i didn't mention it, the Autoarrange was unchecked. I can move the icons while I'm on my desktop, but after I log off, then return later, the icons are lined up on the left side again, and not as I left them. Hopefully there is a solution. I've seen this happen on other computers, but never found a cause, or a solution

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Here's over your head

by ghstinshll In reply to unchangeable desktop

There's a policy installed locally on that machine. You apparently got that from someone who had it at home an was a guru or from a company that locked settings from users abilities... I'm assuming this is beyond your scope, but here it does. You'llhave to do a lot of playing around, becauseit's been a few years since I messed with this.

Look in your start menu for something called System Policies. If you don't see anything, try running "poledit" from the run line. Here's where my memory slips me big time... Look through the settings for the default user and default computer talking about desktop settings.... Play with them, and good luck.

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Thanks, I'll try it

by jackkorn In reply to Here's over your head

Thanks, I'll try it. I'll try to let you know howwell I do.

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by jackkorn In reply to Here's over your head

Sorry, there is no Policy editor on my machine.
aby other suggestions?

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