Unchecking default settings in Vista

By modemjunkie ·
I just discovered the Default Programs tool and to my dismay it is impossible to UNCHECK some defaults. For example, Opera is my preferred browser, but I had Firefox and IE on my machine. When I clicked on an https link in Eudora it opened Firefox instead of using Opera. When I look at the default settings for Opera it showed the Firefox icon instead of Opera's and it was checked. There was no way to uncheck it. So I uninstalled Firefox and looked at Opera's defaults again. Now it showed IE as the https default. Again, no way to "uncheck" it.
Shouldn't the Default Settings tool allow unchecking? How else can I accomplish that?

Thanks in advance

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Do it from inside the browser ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unchecking default settin ...

Each browser will allow you the opportunity to set:


The default screen is only a comprehensible confirmation of what you have set elsewhere.

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Almost but not quite

by modemjunkie In reply to Do it from inside the bro ...

Yes, Opera will let me make it the default browser but I can't seem to override some of those oddities like the https assignment.

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Stop thinking of it as 'Check / Uncheck' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Almost but not quite

Start thinking of it like a long room with a light switch at either end. You turn the light ON at one end and walk down the length of the room, THEN turn the light OFF at the other end.

Instead of trying to UNCHECK an already checked option - go to the program of preference and CHECK it from there.

By switching it ON where you want it to be - that will result in it getting switched OFF simultaneously at the other end.

You can do this from within Default Programs.

It is logical after all, because if you turn a DEFAULT OFF - what are you left with? You are left with NOTHING! There HAS TO BE A DEFAULT so you must always elect to turn the default ON.


As the saying goes:

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! (default) :^0

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