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Uncooperative Team Member

By WhomEver123 ·
I have an ongoing issue, and it's not a technical issue, but more, what do I do about a particular coworker.

I have been a programmer/analyst for 12 years, and then moved into a department in IT as a Systems Programmer. I have been there for the past 6 years. I am mainly in charge of deploying software/updates to all the coorporations computers and also in charge of maintaining GIS applications. I am the oddball out on this team, in that I do not do hardware changes or any changes to the Network. I am definitely on the side of software development, and systems programming. Ever since I came to the department, my boss has not wanted me to learn the Novell side of things, or do any Novell maintenance tasks. As well, he has never wanted me to do any cabling or hardware changes in the server room. I work a lot on big software projects and require a good deal of quiet time and concentration. In our team of about 6 people, we also handle helpdesk tickets as well. I typically work on any helpdesk issues that relate to any software that I have deployed, or have to do with GIS. I have no experience with Novell software whatsoever. It's not because I'm not capable of it, or can't learn it, it is simply because it has never been required of me, and I have other projects assigned to me that I have to get up to speed on.

I have had an ongoing issue with one of the Novell techs, who will often tell me to figure things out for myself, when I am having a network issue, or require a Novell task to be performed as a result of a task I am working on. I feel that he belittles me, and flat out refuses to help me when I am having a network problem, and will deny that there is a network problem (that it is in my head), or tell my I should fix it myself. I have gone to my boss several times about this, and I thought we were getting along better until Friday when he did it to me again.

I get good cooperation from a different fellow who has been there as long as me. I do some stuff for him that I know how to do, and he does some stuff for me, that he knows how to do. It is a good working relationship. However, his main job is not the network like the other fellows is.

Anyways back to the first difficult network tech. I believe maybe he is too busy and doesn't have time to help me, but I wish he would just say so, rather than expect me to become a network expert off the cuff of my sleeve.

Don't get me wrong. I am very good at what I do. I have implemented WSUS at our organization since I started there, and don't get me wrong, but WSUS does require a certain amount of knowledge, so I am by means a "dummy" as this network tech seems to like to imply everytime I ask him to help me with a network issue.

I have had it with him though, and have decided that I will no longer make any attempts to work with him, if that is the behavior I receive from him. He is on his own. If he has any requests from myself, I will be put him on the back burner also like he has done to me over and over again.

I am upset, because I did notify my boss (for about the 5th time, and his boss this time as well). I basically want them to clarify if I am expected to get up to speed on Novell. As long as I can get that clarified, I will proceed from there. I feel I shouldn't have to defend my right to ask for network help when I need it, just because I'm on the same team as the network techs are. Just as they aren't expected to be software deployment experts or GIS experts because I am.

If anyone has had any similar experiences let me know.

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