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Undeleteable folder

By pgclynes ·
My WIN XP Home directory regenerated a folder in Doc & Settings recently - July05, almost empty but for a subfolder July05, itself almost empty, except - to at least 22 iterations.Now it stalls my virus checker (VET, updated daily) so it has to go.

I can't remove it. Normal delete, the "name is too long for the recycle bin", Command prompt DEL and Shift-Delete don't work and I can't drag it to the recycle bin. And the sequence keeps declaring itself Read-only. Any suggestions please?

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by ctrservices In reply to Undeleteable folder

Boot into Safe Mode, right-click the file--Properties--uncheck Read Only--OK--try to delete the file.

If not, reboot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Cd ..--Enter. Locate the file (Dir command) and delete from here. If it doesn't delete, change the attributes to enable writing.

Once the file is gone, do a Safe Mode scan with Microsoft AntiSpyware and Spybot (or whatever you have around that works). Spyware must have installed this file on your system.

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by pgclynes In reply to

Not quite there yet. Confirming: the troublesome string is folders, though some file structure was seen below Subdir level 27.

Even in Safe Mode - Command prompt, RMDIR ran itself (I used a /Q switch) 24 times, failing each time as "Unable to locate path" (after listing 27 embedded subdirs and a different file at the end each time!) or "Dir is not empty".

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Undeleteable folder

You have only one way to delete this folder.
Boot from floppy or CD in dos mode. In this way you can delete this folder. Attention to giving the path. Depending of your boot the path maybe must give like following command
?cd c:\Docume~1\defaul~1\..........?

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by pgclynes In reply to

You're right: great care needed with path, correct commands and relevant DOS switches. An uncomfortable refresher course on the pre-windows world. However I could not reach beyond A> with del, cd, or rd: all could not find the path specified. Attempts from Windows C Directory is not empty.

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by mcheema In reply to Undeleteable folder

Open up a command prompt window. Navigate to where the folder is located. (Doc & settings) open up task manager and close the process "explorer". Do NOT close the task manager. Alt tab to the command prompt and try to delete the folder now. If it gets deleted you can start "explorer" from the Task manager by using "new task".

Alternativle: Try using another login to delete that folder.

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by pgclynes In reply to

Sorry, no progress. Still could not DEL or RD.

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by pgclynes In reply to Undeleteable folder

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