Undeliverable Mail when sending Excel 2003 attachment

By jimw ·
I have a client XP Pro using Outlook that cannot send an Excel attachment. Even a small document created by the user gets back an Undeliverable Mail message. This computer can send other emails to the same addresses that the Excel documents will not deliver to, and has sent the same type Excel documents to the same addresses many times. Obviously something has changed. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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cannot send excel attachments

by helena.keen In reply to Undeliverable Mail when s ...

This is happening to me as well, new laptop with vista, but excel files still wont send using web based emails either.

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Hope this helps

by matt In reply to Undeliverable Mail when s ...

sending excel and access files by email can be tricky. this is because microsoft in their wisdom decided that too many viruses were being sent within these files as they were hidden in the macros. However dont panic there is a easy way round this. What you need to do is covert your excel file to a zip file. This can easily be done by right clicking on the original file. Once this is done you then add the zip file as an attachment. This will enable it to be sent via outlook and the recipient will be able to unpack it their end and look at the file.




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