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undeliverable message still

By amclane ·
We had a user (I will call person X) in our company that had been 'Added' in the Delegates tab with Calendar rights for at least 12 other users' Outlook.
When person X got another job, I deleted person X's account(and subsequently the email box). I had the 12 other users delete person X from their 'Delegates' list. What is happening now.
1. Person A sends a new calendar item to one of the 12, then:
2. Person A receives an 'Undeliverable' message that "person X's e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to. Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly fo find out the correct address." <#5.1.1>
My question is, how do I permentaly remove person X from our Exchange2003 server? Person X is not listed in AD, or Exchange, do I have to do something on the outlook clients?
Thanks for any input from anyone.

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That's an odd one.

by bart777 In reply to undeliverable message sti ...

First I would verify that Person A has, in fact, completely removed Person X from their calendar.

Next I would go to the server and do a rebuild on the GAL. It could be that you have a replication issue between AD and Exchange. Doing a rebuild will either get rid of the AD link or it will point you to the problem.
I would also look at the server and make sure that the mailbox has been removed. If not, purge it.

Let us know how it goes.

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next step

by amclane In reply to That's an odd one.

Person x is not listed anywhere on the clients (outlook). Person x is not listed in the mailbox store or in the GAL. I ran a 'rebuild' on my 'default offline address list' then it automatically updates at 5am. I also ran the 'cleanup agent' on my mailboxes, person x is not there. I am not receiving any event log referring to an undeliverable message to person x either. Not sure what else to try??

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