Undelivered email to wrong address

By Healer ·
A friend of mine keeps getting notices of undelivered emails saying he has sent emails to people with the wrong email addresses. Certainly he is not doing it. He doens't recognize any of those email addresses.

Somebody somehow has got his email address and is using it to spam other people? What could be the source of the problem? Could it indicate there is spyware in his computer system? How can we prevent this from happening and how can we stop it now?

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Well there could be a Local Infection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Undelivered email to wron ...

The best bet is to scan the system in Safe Mode with both an AV Product then things like Spy Bot S&amp and Malware Bytes

Of course this is assuming that your Fiend is running some form of Windows which may be dangerous.

However if they are install the above apps if they are not already installed Update them and the AV Product loaded and then reboot the system into Safe Mode and run scans on the system.

If it shows anything being deleted rescan with that Application till it's either clean or it's not possible to remove the infection. Then move to another Scanner.

I always start with an AV Product then use Spy Bot and finally Malware Bytes, but that's my Personal Preference.

In severe cases or if Windows isn't involved you may need to use a Rescue Disc like those mentioned here;leftCol


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I am still trying

by Healer In reply to Well there could be a Loc ...

to convince him to take my advice. Your information has reinforced my instinct. He keeps saying his AV hasn't found anything wrong and he was too busy with the computer.

Do you think those emails are mostly likely generated from my friend's computer or from other computer that has his email address?

By the way, do you think those Linux-based resuce CDs are meant for Windows systems and work well on Windows systems?

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Those Nix Based Rescue Disc's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I am still trying

Where designed to run and clean up Windows Systems that is their sole point to life and I use them all of the time.

Though yesterday they let me down but that was with a Dell NB that has a strange Chip Set as none that I threw at the unit could find the HDD. Actually for that matter none of the Live Linux's could load either but I'll admit to not trying too hard.

Most times however they are the only way to clean the system.

As for the rest you have to first rule out an Infection on the users system before you can even begin to do anything else and relying on just an AV Product isn't a legitimate way to prove that the system has no infections. AV Products work well most times to prevent Virus Infections but most times that's all that they stop. They are next to useless for anything else and Virus's are just one of the many things specifically written to Infect Windows Systems.

While he may be busy if his system does have any infections he could very quickly find himself being Black Listed and no E-Mail that he sends out getting accepted by any people at all as their ISP's will block them. Depending on how Educated that user is their system may be clean but then I suppose the obvious thing to ask would be how was his E-Mail Address Spoofed? He had to be doing something wrong to let that out to the Dark Side of the Web so it's just as likely that he did something wrong and infected his system into the bargain.


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Unixed based or Linux based?

by Healer In reply to Those Nix Based Rescue Di ...

I suppose you meant Unix based or Linux based rescue discs.

My friend is away on holiday for two weeks. I shall talk with him again when he gets back.

What if the emails are not from his computer? Perhap somehow his email address was stolen and emails have been sent out from somewhere else. Then I suppose the only way to fix the problem is to cease to use the current email address and acquire a new one.

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I'd second this - might have a spam bot infection.

by dave In reply to Well there could be a Loc ...

Had an office computer get infected with Rustok-B and had similar symptoms. McAfee virus was completely clueless about the infection. The only way to clean the mess was to do a virus scan with a boot CD. Try the AVG rescue CD. Also, check the packet traffic with WireShark or Nirsoft SmartSniff and see if you can see any outgoing traffic on tcp port 25.

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Probably not sent from your friends computer

by TobiF In reply to Undelivered email to wron ...

Spam senders use lists of emails not only for recipients, but also for senders.
Seems your friend's address got abused as a fake sender address, and then undelivered spam comes "bouncing back".

It is actually possible to double check if the spam originated from his ip address.

In the bounced emails, you usually have a copy of the bounced email attached. If you open such an attachment in notepad and look at the delivery headers, then you can see which way the spam was delivered. If the ip addresses listed have nothing in common with your friends email server and/or own public ip, then his address was simply used as a fake sender.

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by santeewelding In reply to Probably not sent from yo ...

Where does our trust in this new world begin, or end.

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Avoid eating GMO chicken...

by TobiF In reply to Tobi

and your chances will be better.

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Like I said about Palmetto

by santeewelding In reply to Avoid eating GMO chicken. ...

I take my cues from some few here.

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It is a risky world now.

by Healer In reply to Tobi

Plane tickets are cheap but planes are not as reliable and as safe as before. We hear well-known airlines getting all sort of engine troubles almost every day, let alone possible terroist attacks.

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