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Underpaid by age

By Trek05 ·
I've worked as the systems administrator, or "IT Guy", at the current company for about three years (company has two locations, supporting between 80-90 PCs).I started out there on the younger side of the spectrum, and I feel underpaid for my abilities. In other words, if I started off in this career later in my life, I believe I would be paid higher. Any other feelings out there about being underpaid?

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Salary Negotiations

by BFilmFan In reply to Underpaid by age

Compare your skill set and experience in the field to some of the IT salary calculators and surveys running about the Internet.

And like the AD on TechRepublic said:

If Salary Sucks

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Obtain Security Clearances

by fernbowers In reply to Salary Negotiations

By obtaining a top secret security clearance,
completing a Masters Degree online from
strayer university, and currently going after
a second masters in network security (along with
Oracle & MCSE training), I was able to get a 40%
increase in Salary. This does not include the perks. I've been around since the 80s. The same game you use to get where you are, it the same
game you have to play to increase your opportunities or to just stay in the game.
Just my personal opinion.

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Security clearance is easier said than done

by Navy Moose In reply to Obtain Security Clearance ...

I have a security clearance only because I am in the Air Force Reserve and it was required for my AFSC(MOS to Army folks). I could never have afforded to do it on my own and there are very few companies who are willing to foot the bill for it, at least not at the SysAdmin level.

I'm not completely positive a graduate degree is the answer either. I completed my MBA at the end of 2004 and it is occupying a place next to my BS as wall paper. I have not seen many positions in the Boston area in a technical capacity where they are looking for a graduate degree.

Getting certs is good way to increase marketability.

I prefer experience and formal education as a way to move up.

Just my $0.02.

Thank you for listening.

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Thanks for repying.

by fernbowers In reply to Security clearance is eas ...

You can move the to washington dc area/Maryland
and make mega bucks. You could get six figure
income. My company is hiring ATT Government Solutions. I could refer you if you are willing to relocate. You are in the wrong area.

By the way, there are some companies that will sponsor you. CSC, Lockheed Martin etc...

There is always hope if you have the tickets.
contact me at
Send me your resume. I can send you leads....

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by bniemiec In reply to Thanks for repying.

You'll need the six figures with the cost of living out there.

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Sorry for not replying sooner

by Navy Moose In reply to Thanks for repying.

I apologize for not replying sooner. My laptop died and I had to get this new one configured.

If my current contract does not get renewed I might consider going to DC. I have family down there, and I hear horror stories about traffic and cost of living.

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One of the sad realities is....

by PlacidAir In reply to Salary Negotiations

That to increase your salary by much, you generally have to jump ship and go elsewhere. And while is certainly a viable way to go -- I've had better luck with myself. I get about 2 hits off of my shielded resume there a week minimum. Some days I get several -- and I'm not even looking at the moment.

In IT you generally need to think about leaping every 2-3 years in order to move up much. Looking for at least a 20% salary increase with each leap. I've more than doubled my salary in 6 years doing that. But you also need to be thinking in those terms during the 2-3 years in your current position... what projects can you get involved in where you are that will incfease your value when you leave? Has someone offered you training in anything? Take it. Never turn down free training. Has someone asked you to get involved in a project totally outside of your usual scope? Do it, you'll learn new skills and enhance your resume. Have they asked you to take on more responsibilities? Ask for more money, but even if they won't pay more, take on the tasks -- your NEXT employer will compensate you for those skills.

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You're not alone

by TonytheTiger In reply to Underpaid by age

Every young whipper-snapper thinks he's underpaid. That's as it should be ... higher pay is like the carrot dangling in front of you to keep you on the advance track.

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by Trek05 In reply to You're not alone

Isn't there a limit though of how underpaid you could be? As people in the IT field, we are required to keep systems going, in crisis situations and in day to day operations. That has to come with a cost, right?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Limit

It boils down to what you're willing to work for vs. what your employer is willing to pay, taking into account what the market will bear on both sides. Absent contractual obligations to the contrary, if either of you is unhappy with the current agreement, it can easily enough be re-negotiated or terminated.

Many employees over-estimate their worth to the company, and it seems that the amount of over-estimation is roughly inversely proportional to age. In other words, many kids think they should, immediately upon graduating, start working their dream job at their dream company at somewhere near the top of the pay scale. They have no concept of building toward a goal, of working your way up.

Some kids have the talent to pull this off, and some do. Most don't, and of those who don't, about a third of them ending up working toward their goal, gaining expertise and eventually proving their worth, while the rest whine and complain about how little they have. They're mostly spoiled brats!

Of course, in this day and age where many think that victimhood should be worn proudly, like an Olympic medal or something, we need a scapegoat for this phenomenum ... and I have it, PARENTS! That's right Mom and Dad, it's all your fault! You should be taken out and flogged!

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