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Understanding Microsoft Indexing Service

By brodden ·

I have recently installed Microsoft Indexing Service in a Windows 2000 Professional Client for testing purposes. I have also installed IIS to create an intranet website for use with the indexing service. My company has approx. 1.3 Million ".TIF" Files that have been Recognized through an OCR program that I built. I need to use the Indexing Service to index these files and make them searchable throughout our company. We also add approx. 3000 files a day to this index. I have built a query page and tested with a small index of only 3000 files. It seems to work good, however I still have a couple of questions. First of all is this a good option for us or is there some other software that we should be using that would better handle what we are trying to do? Also, when you log off or restart the Client or more importantly the server will the indexing service have to reindex all of the files in the index? And thirdly, It took almost an entire 24 hour period to index the 3000 file test index that I used. Granted my client only has 128MB of RAM and a 700Mhz processor. Will this process speed up on our server, which has a PIII 1.1 GHz and 1GB of RAM, or is there a way to make it speed up?? I don't think we want to wait a year and a half for our files to index! :) If you could help with any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

Ben Rodden
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by joncr In reply to Understanding Microsoft I ...

If you turn off either the server of the client you will retain the index and you wont have to spend a day rescanning. Memory is king in indexing so I'd get as much as you can. This way you will get more cached hits that are pulled from memory rather than scanned from the index. I'd also make sure that it is only the files you want to scan that are in the index. You dont want to include all of your operating system folders, program files etc - its a security risk and it makes your index larger (and slower).

If you still find it slow you might want to look at having one system as a dedicated index server and one handling all the web requests.

I think there is some stress testing shareware for index servers from which may be of help.

Hope this is of help

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