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I have been attempting to create a bootable USB flashdrive and also external USB hard drive to image computers. (Please keep in mind that I have only been in this field for 2 years and I do mean this literally. I am 57 and did a massive career change from aviation to computers.) I have attempted this on numerous occasions and have not succeeded in this operation. I have read thru the whole article and have yet to uncover what I am doing wrong. I am using the information that I get from Techrepublic website "Creating a USB bootable device." Thanks for your patiences


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What you are attempting is not possible.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Understanding some of the ...

Don't get me wrong - you CAN make a bootable USB drive, whether it be a flashdrive or an external hard drive.

What you CANNOT do is make that external drive bootable on every computer it is attached to.

The reason for this is that whichever system you originally make the drive on, is the only system that it will work on. When you make the bootable usb drive, it only contains the system drivers that are specific to that individual machine.

When you attempt to boot while attached to another machine, you experience exactly the same problems as you would if you were to remove a hard drive and fit it to another computer, or change the motherboard in your existing machine.

Either way, the 'installed' operating system doesn't recognise the hardware it is attached to.

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