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Understanding Surf Control Web Filter

By banx ·
We recently bought and installed this product, but I have a few gripes I'd like to air. Although name resolution works fine, where does it get it's user group info from? I can add to it but cannot remove the old NT domain objects it drags up, therefore reporting is not accurate due to the amounts of groups an individual user belongs to. Also if someone logs on as local administrator Surf logs their internet usage under the last domain logged on user. This is a worry! Does anyone out there love this product and know how to make it work properly?

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Understanding Surf Contro ...

Also if someone logs on as local administrator - just ban this option, why would a normal user want to do this. That or set a polocy to block these types of users from all web browsing.

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Therein lies the problem

by banx In reply to Idea

How can i ban the local administrator account when Surf doesn't see it? A "normal" user who may or may not have internet access (not everyone does here) would view this scenario as one of being able to go wherever they want without getting caught, I'm thinking porn sites. I have emailed surf control but don't expect a reply for at least another 3-4 weeks!

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Therein lies the problem

Ban the local admin logon for now then. If an admin needs to do some work create a domain admin account they can use on the PC, member of the local admins group on the PC.

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