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Understandiny System History in XP

By pellegr1 ·
when you go to SYSTEM INFORMATION in SYSTEM TOOLS, under VIEW, you can select to view SYSTEM HISTORY for hardware software etc.

I had and have an occasional freezing problem and I noticed in SYSTEM HISTORY that XP is constantly changing the addresses for my motherboard, an Epox nFORCE 4 nVidia AMD ATX m/b.

Is there anyway, not being a programmer, to make any sense out of this? I saw this and updated my m/b drivers which really seemed to help, but not at the 100% level. I thought I had it fixed but it came back after about a week.

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I/O addresses?

by seanferd In reply to Understandiny System Hist ...

Could you be more specific as to what you are seeing as far as the name for this address, or where it is located in the history (or current) tree?

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I will add some specifics

by pellegr1 In reply to I/O addresses?

I had this about ready to submit on the freezing PC and it froze. Now using my backup PC, I first checked it's System History and there are some changes from things I have done but not the constsnt chages of the same items as the other PC.

1st changing example: CHANGED NVIDA nForce ADMA Controller property "StartingAddress changed from 2544 to 2416 and the last part of the line is Port Resource. This line gets changed and rechanged several times on the page. There are similar lines for Parallel ATA controller, PCI management. A half a dozen or so just saying Motherboard Resources. There is a lot more that what I am showing and most have to do with the M/B and its functions.
There are several for my GeForce 7950 GT video card. 8 or so for PCI Bus. One for PCI-Express Root Port.
Some of this last bunch say Device memory at the end of the line.

I have recently installed this system in a better Case, so I am rechecking everything I did. It seems there has to be some hints here with this history.

I did use MEMTEST86 on my memory but maybe something happened? I will keep at it. I also did a fresh install of XP media center on a new hard drive to get away from other 4 year old problems and now this. I also added a KWorld FM and TV card and it seems to work great, but I might change its PCI slot?

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OK, weird

by seanferd In reply to I will add some specifics

I really cannot find anything on this. I would think that Windows could poll and assign this stuff at boot, but what you are getting seems excessive. This stuff will change as you add or remove hardware, but it seems to change aside from that? How far back does the history that you are looking at go?

Have you looked in device manager to see if anything shows up with ! or ? next to it?

Do you ever get a Blue Screen error when the system freezes?

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Understandiny System History in XP

by pellegr1 In reply to OK, weird

this history that shows up the screen goes back about a month and a half. I do get the BSOD error. I found the check box to eliminate automatic restart on BSOD so I could read it. The errror is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (STOP ERROR) and there have been error codes below. I googled this and found that it is pretty common. It refers to device possibilities such as USB devices, Video cards etc. so I am getting some good hints as starting points. There is nothing in DEVICE MANAGER. One of the reasons I did a fresh install of XP was because I was not able to get my HP USB connected printer to work and my CanoScan USB Scanner quit working also. Then I was only getting ocassional freezing. I am going to read your other suggestion before this freezes. Thanks for the reply.

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Oh, yes. That would be a hardware or driver problem

by seanferd In reply to Understandiny System Hist ...

I bet a problem with the USB hardware or drivers could be responsible for all of that. I'd maybe have someone take a look at the board.

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One other suggestion

by seanferd In reply to I will add some specifics

You should post your question in the Questions forum. You have actually posted this in Discussions.

You should have clicked on "Ask a question", or clicked on the Question button at the top of the form when you submitted this. Click the following link, and it will set you up for a question:

You can just copy and paste the contents of your original question in the text entry box.

You can also paste this link:
which will refer back to this thread so that you don't have to repeat everything.

Perhaps change the post title to "Hardware addresses changing frequently" or something else that might catch the attention of the serious experts here.

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You are correct, I got frozen out and messed up on retry.

by pellegr1 In reply to One other suggestion

I will keep your suggestion in mind. My original History question has developed into something different. I want to try a few things and then maybe I will try and move this. Thanks again.

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