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I have been asked to do what I consider unethical consulting to good clients...and I have paid a price for refusing to do this. I won't go into details, but this usually was requested by my company to cover up poor planning.

I was caught in the middle as a project manager - do the company's bidding, or be upfront with the client...the proverbial rock and hard place.

I could never persuade my managers in these situations to be truthful - that the truth is a much better path. They were concerned and fearful about losing money. But time and again I saw these lies, on other projects not under my control, come back and bite the company - they eventually lost money anyway and usually the client. I could never understand upper management's logic in doing this - they never seemed to learn their lesson.

I could not lie to the client, or cover over problems - so I fell out of favor with my company and paid the price - I was deemed something of a trouble maker and someone that was not ateam player. This created a very stressfull internal working environment for me.

I eventually left the company and started my own business. But the scars of this experience remain...and I have found that these scars are visible to potential employers now. It's vicious and I never want to put myself in this place again. Any suggestions on how to represent myself to potential employers and avoid companies that will place me in this no-win position? I am always concerned for the company I work for, but do not ask me to lie or skirt a problem, and do not hang me out in the wind when I need the support of my company in dealing with a client.

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Advertise your Integrity

If you can get clients to understand upfront that you will be ethically at all times, telling them about problems openly when you see them, they will be better prepared when it occurs.

Some clients will consider this an asset when they engage your services.

In the long term, you should be better off.

However, as the bearer of bad news, you sometimes get shot. Later on, you may be considered a hero.

Good Luck, been in your shoes many times.

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