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Unethical? Yes. But illegal?

By Flyingn2it ·
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Hypothetical; An employee in an IT capacity at a company sends the owner of that company an email and then later wants to change it for whatever reason. The IT employee (with access to the email account) accesses the owners email account and goes in and deletes the email from the inbox (& deleted folder), not realizing that email was already downloaded by the owner on a mobile device. Obviously this is unethical. My question; are there any laws pertaining to this?
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Yes its Unethical but more than that its illegal

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to Unethical? Yes. But illeg ...

This would also be illegal. How can someone login to any other person's personal account? There might be some very important documents for him as well.

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It's definitely Illegal!

by marioreymans In reply to Unethical? Yes. But illeg ...

This is both Illegal & Unethical! To access someone's email account without permission is totally Illegal. You are also abusing the privileges accorded to you by him, That's Unethical.

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