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    Unexepected Windows XP Reboot


    by aldanatech ·

    While troubleshooting several Windows XP computers, I notice that some of them reboot unexpectedly after a certain amount of time for no good reason. I already checked the Power Options and no known viruses seem to be involved. These computers are custom made. At first I thought there was something we missed or mishandled in the assembly process, but recently this same problem happened with a fairly new, brand name computer. Any ideas on why this might be happening and how to resolve it?

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      Re: Reboot

      by black panther ·

      In reply to Unexepected Windows XP Reboot

      You could first try turning off the Automatic Re-Boot in the Startup and Recovery, you may then see the error on the screen instead of it flashing by.

      Does the Event viewer give you any details???

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        I tried it … no luck

        by aldanatech ·

        In reply to Re: Reboot

        I double-checked, and the Automatic Re-Boot is off. The Event viewer doesn’t give me any details. I’m starting to think that it another glitch that will be addressed by Microsoft with a patch some time in the future.

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          Could be!!

          by black panther ·

          In reply to I tried it … no luck

          Entirely possible of course knowing microsoft. Do you have an opportunity to ‘clone’ or ‘ghost’ the hard drive and try it on another machine to see if it reboots. If it does then it may point to Software or try the hard drive on a slightly different hardware.

          also try running in ‘safe’ mode and see if it automatically re-boots.


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      Check hardware

      by citnetmajoratpurdue ·

      In reply to Unexepected Windows XP Reboot

      your problem with spontaneous rebooting could be caused hardware. Check to see if your CPU is running hot with an bad fan. You can also try testing your memory, power supply, power connectors from the power supply, and expansion cards. If those suggestions don’t work, the problem lies in your software or device drivers.

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      check for bios update

      by great gray ·

      In reply to Unexepected Windows XP Reboot

      I was having a simlar problem and updating the bios fixed my unexpected reboots in XP. 🙂 So check it out.

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      unexpected reboot

      by cronejay ·

      In reply to Unexepected Windows XP Reboot

      Have you considered the possibility of a hiccup in the electricity coming to the computer? I recently discovered that whenever my computer reboots unexpectedly my cable TV also blips off then on.

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