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    Unexpected error


    by kiltie

    I am getting quite a few of these:

    [b]An unexpected failure has occured. It has been logged and will be addressed by support.[/b]

    nb, exact message was copy/pasted, including the speeeeling 馃槈

    I was just trying to post a comment in Discussions (I kept a copy, if it helps)……

    So….. what do we do about it?

    I refreshed my browser (FF2) several times, forced a new copy, maximised my available RAM.

    What gets me is the comment “will be addressed by support”.
    What the hell does that mean?

    added to the other usual problems of “Page not Found” errors, which disappear when the usual remedies are applied, but shouldn’t be there in the first place, may I ask what is going on?

    The error message I mentioned at the top, looks like a standard C type programming one, including it’s spelling error, so how does that help us members?

    So I ask for members comments on TRs error messages, not just this one….. all of them, I believe this deserves some discussion, [i]to help you out[/i]. I have noticed many members complaining of problems, maybe it is better to seperate out a thread [u]just to deal with errors[/u]?

    Rather than any FAQ or other type, an error message thread may help you at TR to isolate problems faster?

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      On posting an answer

      by rob mekel

      In reply to Unexpected error

      The message:

      [b]The page you’ve requested cannot be found[/b]

      pops up.

      10:12 GMT+1

      [b]Smorty, Jay, TR ….. Help[/b]

      And this to all answers I gave this morning
      Alltho the answers were added to the discussion, it is disturbing on posting anything as you do have to check every time if all went well. 馃檨 Lett alone going through take extra measures to prevent loss of data
      [i]speeling cheek or syntox checkers can be done that way so in a way TR is forcing her members to move their spelling checks out of TR, mmmm don’t know what to think of that 馃槈 [/i]


      ps this posting went well 馃檪
      [i]edited for ps[/i]

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