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Unexpected Reboot Windows 2000 Server

By bisquitlips2 ·
I have two HP / Compaq ML 530 G2 Servers that are experiencing Unexpected Reboots. Compaq Insight Manager shows periodic ASR that correspond to the reboots, but not always. Also, the Event Log is virtually no help.

In the last 30 days, the Dev server has experienced 16 Unexpected Reboots and 12 ASR's. The Production server has experienced 8 Unexpected Reboots and 5 ASR's.

On the Dev server, there are occasional dumpchks that reference a STOP 0x000000d1 and the memory addresses whichare random.

My first inclination is hardware, especially memory.

On the Dev server, I have updated the Compaq / HP Support Pak so all the system hardware drivers are current, as well as flashed the BIOS. This was per a 4.5 hour conference callwith Microsoft and Compaq on Sunday of this week.

Also, I have removed the check box on the "Automatically Restart on Bugcheck" option and allowed the Server to blue screen. The BS was absolutely no help. It only said to "Contact your Hardware Vendor".

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Unexpected Reboot Windows 2000 Server

by evilonion In reply to Unexpected Reboot Windows ...

if 4 hours with MS and Compaq dont help no one can - but it sure sounds like a memory problem - but the blue screen should offer some kind of insight as to whats going on for sure - there would be no other way to troubleshoot that ?

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Unexpected Reboot Windows 2000 Server

by DRiv In reply to Unexpected Reboot Windows ...

It may be power related. Get a good volt / amp meter and go to town. Measure the current. Make sure the output is a true sine wave. (hopefully the servers are plugged into a conditioned outlet). Many UPS units have software that show what is input /output. (I would still verify using other measurement device, over an extended period of time, or at least during a crash if possible) If you do have a ups that has software it can usually be logged. Additionally check to see the load the UPS can take, may be faulty.

Then check the RAID cards. They may need flashing / software update, especially if the server was flashed. Compaq reknowned for Raid card issues.

Hopefully a history log of changes was kept on the servers. Since you have two (DEV / PRODUCTION) should not install patches/updates on both at same time. Helps determine patch related issues. Take recent WebDAV patch for instance. Caused more than issues than it cured, and additionally there are other ways to disable it.

May want to post history of server patches to help determine the cause.

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Unexpected Reboot Windows 2000 Server

by timwalsh In reply to Unexpected Reboot Windows ...

If you already talked to Microsoft, I would assume you have also searched the MS Knowledge Base. If you haven't, there are 21+ different articles relating to the "STOP 0x000000d1" error message. Several mention Compaq specifically. Run a search in knowledge Base using the keywords "STOP 0x000000d1." Without knowing your exact hardware configuration, or the full text of the STOP errors, it's kind of hard to narrow it down to one or two articles for you to check.

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Unexpected Reboot Windows 2000 Server

by bisquitlips2 In reply to Unexpected Reboot Windows ...

I have replaced the memory and to date we have experienced no other ASR's. I even jinxed it by saying to management that I felt 99% sure that we had nailed the issue. If that doesn't cause it to go down, nothing will.

I will have to let the server run on this new update for the next 72 hours to be absolutely sure the memory was the problem.

Here is a lessoned learned. The customer who owns these servers decided that it would be best if they bought their hardware from another vendor andchose not to allow our company to use tried and true sources for hardware. Ok....their perogative... no problem! But the vendor choice was based on a buddy, buddy relationship. Not price, dependability, or even history. Their vendor of choice constantly shipped ups server parts that had been obviously taken off of other servers and reboxed and sent to us to implement as new! 1 processor had been taken out of another server and the heat sync had been torn off the processor. The padded stickypad was butchered. Now they are paying the price for their decision with missed deadlines because I have to spend 3 days troubleshooting this nonsense! Sheesh!

Ok....I've vented. Not I feel better.

I will let you all know how it comes out. Remember, I have another server from this vendor doing the exact same thing, howbeit not as frequently.

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