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    Unexpected shutdown windows


    by sandipprasai ·

    I had xp. In xp i was facing unexpected shutdown error(blue screen).It says Memmory_Management. Even i uninstalled and installed win 7 i am experiencing same prob. It happens regularly in about 15-25-30 minutes sometimes fast also 1 inute or even on startup. I checked POWER OPTION also. My friend suggest me to change Fan And The circuit on which proccessor is. What is the Fix?

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      by sandipprasai ·

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      The full Error Message would be useful

      by oh smeg ·

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      Though to start off with I would check the RAM with something like MemTest 86 available on the Ultimate Boot CD here for Free Download

      http://www.ultimatebootcd .com/download.html
      [i]remember to remove the space from between [b]ultimatebootcd[/b] and the [b].com[/b] for a working link.[/I]

      Then download the ISO File burn a CD or if your system supports it make a Bootable USB Thumb Drive and boot off that to test your systems hardware.


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