unexpected/unaccounted disk space loss

By kevink ·
I'm running windows server 2003 and my daily server performance report is showing that I am losing alot of disk space on one of my partition drive. I've looked into that drive and could not find any files or programs that would take up that space. What should I do?

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whats on the drive?

by DownRightTired In reply to unexpected/unaccounted di ...

ane program files, logs, etc? right click and view properties of folders and find out which is big

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disk space loss

by kevink In reply to whats on the drive?

I made sure that all hidden folders and system folder are shown. There are very few folders and they add up to less than 1 megabyte. I've try using a third party program to view all files and folder in this portioned drive and it saying that all folders and files add up to less than one megabyte. There are five folders 1. program files which contain veratas, 2. is recycler, 3. STI, 4. System Volume Information, and 5. WUTemp.

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is the server report accurate?

by DownRightTired In reply to disk space loss

when you look at the properties of the disk does it show a loss of disk space? Whats your HW config? any kind of disk mirroring or raid? It must not be the partition holding your os, so could you reformat it?

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Same Problems Here

by bcook In reply to unexpected/unaccounted di ...

I have a RAID 5 runnin on Windows Server 2003 and am having the same problems as of today. The folsers show that the space is 23.2 GB.... but the properties show that there is no space available on a 71.1 GB Hard Drive... What gives? Where did all this space go?

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by DownRightTired In reply to Same Problems Here

are there any other partitions on it? what exactly do you mean the folders* show 23.2?

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0 Day

by retro77 In reply to unexpected/unaccounted di ...

What ports do you have open? You may have become a 0 day site and not even know it.

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there's a nifty utility

by Dr Dij In reply to unexpected/unaccounted di ...

that will read all dirs and show what percent each takes up. Easier than waitng for properties to go thru thousands of directories and running it multiple times on subdirectories to narrow it down.

I think I found it on anyone remember the name?

Of course if properties of whole disk adds up to less than the partition, you have a hidden rootkit. avg, sysinternals and mondiant have rootkit scanners

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