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Team Work

by abc098 In reply to Unfair world

<strong>"Be a team work player"</strong> in some cases, is just a phrase to cover up weaknesses of other people. I found out that the real issue is because some people does not like to read documentation. This blog topic should be "<strong>READ READ READ"</strong>. Why ? read more.<br /><br />Recently, I was told by my immediate assistant manager via company email, to configure 2 routers. Only one router was available at that time, so I configured it, backup it, and emailed the configuration file along with the location of the backup configuration to all of the team member and CC to department manager. The backup copy was stored in a central backup server accessible to every team members. Let us put a name to the router that I had configured as <strong>Router A</strong>. The other router is <strong>Router B.</strong><br /><br />The router B was just given before I went back home 2 days ago. I did not configured it because I was just going home and I thought I could configure it today. I was on medical leave yesterday and today. So, one of my collegue (let us say <strong>Mr.M</strong&gt who was also one of the team members was given the task by my immediate manager to configure the router. I am not sure which router or is it both router ? Today, I was suprised to see that he configured both router, including router A with his new configuration. He sent an email containing the new configuration for router A and the other router. The configuration for router A was the same as mine, except I put some password, and even that was documented in a password file manage by Mr.M. So why must he reconfigure the router ? Why can't he just plug and play the router ? Because he was lazy to find out the password ? Does my effort of doing the router configuration and backup is worthless ? Although it is quite easy to configure the router, but it is not about the configuration job. It is like the thing that I do is useless to other people. Am I useless to the company ?Am I really working there or just simply staring at the monitor ?<br /><br />Secondly, he also did not add new servers into the DNS server. Instead he configure each host file in 15 users' desktop to include the new servers. Any of our team members can add new hostname into the DNS server. In fact it is a Windows server. Just point and click. Is that so difficult ? If new desktop coming in, the new desktop's host file have to be added with new hostname again. There is nothing with that. But it is not the best way of doing thing. Furthermore, it is not even a standard way to add new hostname. It is an old way to add new hostname, but still not a standard way. During ISO implementation later, we might be asked during interview why we use host file instead of adding it in the DNS.<br /><br />What happened above had happened for many many times since I started to work in here. I have not remembered how many times people have overwritten what I have done. I have not remembered how many times people did not read and follow my SOP or my documentation. I have not remembered how many times people did not use the scripts that I have written. I have not remembered how many times people replace my solution with their own solution. All without discussing it with me.<br /><br />And when this issue was raised, my immediate manager simply said "we should work in a team" When raised to the head of department, he simply said, "it is running isn't it ?". When ask to the top-level manager, he simply said, "you should refer to you immediate manager or Mr.M". Should I be the only person who have to work in a team or does everyone can overwrite what I did ? Should I be the only person who have to always follow everyone else instruction, including my collegeues ?<br /><br />A few years ago, when I was just started to work in here, I truly believe that I do not have the quality of a team work player in this company. This is because I do not have the experience working in a corporate sectors that link to the government.<br /><br />But when I started to participate in some of the TechRepublic discussion, I found out that team work is not a one way communication. Team work involve multiple way discussion and cooperation. It is not one man show (like in cars). Everyone have their own responsibility. Documentation also very very importance. It would be unnecessary to call it SOP if the other person would not read and follow the SOP. I might the authorized person to talk about "team work" skill. But at least I learn that "team work" is just an excuse so that people would not argue with the way they do their job. Unfortunately there are so many people out there who does not like to read. Seriously, now I have doubt that email is useful for IT staff in the organization where I work. I can fully understand if end-user does not want to read IT documentation, nor following any SOP. I can understand if we sometimes do not have time to read and follow a lengthy instruction. But email ? The email only consist of less than 30 words. It is also structured, because I always written formal email with numbering. Is it that difficult to read ? Calling me while I was on leave. Is that difficult ? My handphone is always on. I also has given my house phone numbers for them to call me at any time if they need me.<br /><br />But the people that I indirectly mentioned in my case above were people with real certifications; MCSE, CCNA and a certificate in firewall, Degree in BSc(Hon) from USA, working experience in networking not less than 12 years (I have only 6 years). Have experience working in telco industries.<br /><br />Not to mention we have <strong>"spies"</strong> reporting what other people said during lunch hours. We know one of them. Most probably we also have spies at home. There are no such thing as privacy, even if I do not accessing the Internet, people can still know what I was talking about.<br /><br />Team work is not just simply about the team getting to solve the project without caring who did it. In my opinion, team work is also about <strong>*respecting*</strong> other people responsibility, other people task, other people contribution.<br /><br />Fortunately we are going to implement ISO in our department. But that would not be in near future. Hopefully, by that time they will realise how important is to read and implement documentation, SOP. Documentation, SOP were not written for the sake of showing to the auditors later. It is not just for showing evidence. It is used for *working in team*.<br /><br />In conclusion, I can guarantee that nobody from my own countries (except my own lovely wife) are reading this topic. I repeat, <strong>*nobody (out of my family) from my country read this article*</strong>. It is not of my concern how many US or European reading this blog. But even my government are saying that many of my fellow citizens does not like reading. Only a few did.<br /><br />I respect some of the attitude of people in UK, Europe, Japan and some part in US, because they like to read. I saw in the news, some of them read while going to work, in the train, while sitting on the bench. I am now feel ashamed of the citizens in my own countries. It is not that I admire foreigners more than my fellow citizens. But I hope they could started to learn to read, be it from the Internet, from books, or from magazines.<br /><br />It is not about how many story books have you read per year. But at least, read to learn what is necessary for your job. For example, email. Is it difficult to read email ? Learning is not just for the sake of getting your 'precious' scroll. Learning is continuously. Learning is not just when you go to University, College or taking short courses. If that is the only way of learning that you're compatible with, I suggest that you apply a position as a lecturer, or a teacher or a Professor. Do not work in the IT field. You are only making other IT professional life difficult.<br /><br />If my fellow citizens read this, please prove to me that what I wrote in here is totally wrong!!<br /><br />And oh, yes, my fellow citizens. In my own opinion, one main reason why Open Source would not succeed in our country is because we do not like to read documentation.<br /><br />p/s: You can say that I'm whining if you want, I don't care and I would not reply. This is my blog. BTW, techrepublic forums is suck. But I do know of an application that features a forum and yet cost 5 figures - but their forum was much worst than Techrepublic forums.

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Team Work

by Your Mom 2.0 In reply to Team Work

<p>I take it English isn't your mother-tongue...</p>

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Team Work

by LAConvis In reply to Team Work

<p>I do like to read, just not poorly written and composed trash.  There is a possibility that if this blog had been proofread before sending I could have taken it seriously.  You appear just as ignorant to me as those people you were bad mouthing.  </p>
<p>You have two choices in your situation, take responsibility for your own actions and worry less about others, and find a new job.  With the attitude projected in your blog I am sure you will continue to be a martyr at your current position.  I have worked with way too many people who are just like yourself in the IT field, no wonder we get such a bad rap!</p>

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