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    UNI code implement


    by sahilshaa ·

    i have windwos 2000 server and MS office xp i want that i could use Arabic or Urdu Language with English language in MS-Word.whats the procedure or any Tool or software use for this purpose plz give me detail about UNI code and how its use.
    Thank YOu

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      by rindi1 ·

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      Microsoft has a “MUI” Package, for windows as well as for office. With that you need an english version to start off with, then you add that MUI package for your language (urdu) Now you can switch the windows Language between englisch and urdu (if you installed MUI for Windows 2000), and you can do the same for office (if you installed MUI for office). You could also use Policies now to set which users should have the English version and which should have the urdu version.

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