unidentified cable/lead

By tombutler09 ·
i have been struggling finding a cable/lead, i have a dell optiplex standard series GX240, and a lead that runs from the motherboard into another little board where the front usb ports are has broken, since this broke the computer will not switch on

here is a link to photo bucket where i have indicated the lead in a yellow circle

please help me

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It looks like a standard IDE cable....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to unidentified cable/lead

Take off the cable from the motherboard and see if your computer boots up. Have a look at the cable, it will have some markings on it, so that you can take it along to your computer shop so they can identify it.

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usb lead

by balge In reply to unidentified cable/lead

looks like a lead to the usb header, got a usb symbol on it.
try disconnecting it, unless its got a power lead to the power switch it should boot without it
try Dell if its proprietary

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can't help with the ribbon cable but....

by computechdan In reply to unidentified cable/lead

at yer own risk of course... u may be able to "jump" start the machine for use while u hunt a new cable. if your machine has a standard type 20 or 24 pin atx power connector on the mainboard breifly shorting the green wire located jus below the the locking clip to one of the black wires beside it will cause the power supply to start. check this for a visual aid:
that is a pic of a 20 pin, on a 24 pin the green wire will be 2 pins further right.

as a precaution i would remove the ribbon cable before attempting to jump start as it may have a short in it that could damage the system if power is applied to it

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DELL often have a lot of 'Made only for Dell' crap in their

by Deadly Ernest In reply to unidentified cable/lead

systems and this looks like another one. Try Dell Support ans see if they have any spare parts. You'll probably have to find an authorised Dell tech store though.

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Check this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to unidentified cable/lead

and in the left hand pane click on Inside the Computer and then select Cables.

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