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Unified Proces Vs Extreme Programming for a E-Commerce Platform Development

By alxmammen ·
Let us suppose, you are working for an IT firm. You have been asked to develop the E-commerce Platform (ECP), a new web-based selling channel for Clear View Training Limited.

Your project manager calls a meeting of the system development team and says: ?We need to make some decisions about the development approach we will use for the project. In our methodology, I am planning to use an iterative approach and naturally involve users extensively. I?m still talking to people about it and it seems like the Unified Process (UP) and Extreme Programming (XP) are the methods that are widely being used.?

In light of this, the project manager asked you to do a comparative analysis of the two O-O system development approaches - the Unified Process (UP) and Extreme Programming (XP). Compare and contrast the approaches in relation to the following parameters but not limited to:

? Phases of development lifecycle
? Artifacts
? Activities
? Roles
? Large projects Vs small projects etc

Make a recommendation to the manager which methodology should be used for the ECP project mentioned above based on your analysis.

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by Jaqui In reply to Unified Proces Vs Extreme ...

it would be better to look at which one will merge better with your existing systems. [ which will cause least issues when implemented ]

all systems have proponents and detractors, which is best is both a matter of taste and need.

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by SridharPandu In reply to Unified Proces Vs Extreme ...

I would suggest XP because it transfers onus to the programmer and is lite weight. Use XP only when requirements change frequently and risks are high.
Phases of XP
Planning - User stories, release plan, small release, measure velocity, iterate, plan iteration, move people, stand up meeting, Fix XP
Designing - System metaphor, CRC cards, Spike solutions, Refactor
Coding - unit test, pair program, integrate often, colletive code ownership, optimise
Testing - unit test, publish score

Phases of UP -
There are four phases - Inception, Eloboration, Consruction and Transition

Each phase can have several iterations 1, 2, so on

Each iteration can have the following activities
Project Management
Business Modelling
Analysis and Design
Implementation (Actually means Coding)
Configuration and Change management

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by tagmarkman In reply to Unified Proces Vs Extreme ...

I firmly believe this answer depends on the culture of your company.

In my experiences I have found this although this certainly isn't true for everything:
UP for Large or Complex Systems that have a lot of people involved.
XP for Average Systems that have a smaller or medium number of people involved.

They both have their pluses and minuses. That being said, I rarely find companies strictly following UP or XP. They tend to have a hybird of some type and not necessarly UP or XP.

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by radobson In reply to Unified Proces Vs Extreme ...

I would go with UP.

I believe XP is both a superior methodology and much closer to how developers (and most of us actually work) therefore more natural.

However, XP, to be effective requires tremendous personal and organizational discipline.

XP, done right, requires strict discipline to coding standards. This presupposes the organization has previously invested in creating, socializing and enforcing a coding standard.

Additionally, the XP tenet of shared programming requires both developer and organizational discipline. The developer teams MUST resist the urge to use two computers. Those 8 hours a day you are limited to in XP are for work, not shopping, not surfing, not research on side businesses. This takes vastly more discipline than most developers I've encountered have, or want to have.

Additionally, the organization MUST be disciplined enough not to have that second computer around. And to allocate tasks to teams (pairs) and to cap the work day at 8 hours.

I think this like Beta Max v. VHS. One is clearly superior, but requires a hurdle that just can't be met.

I'll always promote, XP, or in my case, more properly, Agile Development, but I can't honestly recommend in an environment that lacks personal and corporate discipline.

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