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    uniform desktop background


    by lgyansn ·

    I have a DC with 80 client connected to it. Is there any script so that all client will have same desktop background?

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      When setting up the user profile

      by don ticulate ·

      In reply to uniform desktop background

      set the desktop background then lock the ability for the user to change it (via moving them with in the AD to a container with such a Group Policy)!

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      Kind of makes me miss…

      by dawgit ·

      In reply to uniform desktop background

      The days of good old terminal servers and dumb terminals. …Didn’t have that problem then. -d

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      uniform desktop problem with roaming profiles

      by winnie812 ·

      In reply to uniform desktop background

      I have a similar problem. I’ve created a test roaming profile, made config changes to desktop background, printer setting and homepage. Profile copied to the server ok but when I log onto other PC’s the desktop background is gone but the printer setup and homepage are still there. How can I make the desktop the same for all users? Server is 2003 and clients are XP.

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