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Uninstall IE8

By kirk227 ·
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I know that many people have tried IE8 and like it, while many other (myself included) have had problems. I'm not trying to take sides in this debate, I just want to offer some help for people who want to remove it from their systems. If you think all you have to do is uninstall it, you're wrong. At least in my case it left traces that kept me from going back to IE7. It was definitely a browser issue as I was still able to get email. I had to take the embarrassing step of calling microsoft and using one of my 2 free support calls. When I explained what the problem was they said it would be free anyway. I had to go to start, run,, sign up and download the IE8 Beta 2 Removal Tool. It's a pretty simple fix from there and it bypasses the browser. I tried to find a way to upload the .exe file to TechRepublic but so far I haven't found it. If you find yourself in this situation and my explanation isn't clear enough, post a reply and I'll email the file to you (if your browser doesn't reject it as dangerous, being an exe file). I would prefer to upload the file so it's available to everyone. If there's a way to do this Please let me know.

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Uninstall IE8 without 3rd party utility

by pranav In reply to Uninstall IE8

The developer of IE8 has come up with the solution for uninstalling it. There is a small fix provided on microsoft's website and any one can download (without signing up with the website) and run it to fix the problem of uninstallation of IE8. The link for the utility is:

You can use the utility as many times as you want.

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Please send me details on the backstep

by cran5101 In reply to Uninstall IE8

<start> <run> <> Fails. Would you please forward me the specifics on what you did. I too am having major problems, ... slow browsing, failed downloads of embedded into outlook 2000, fqailed access to browser url paths etc.


Robert Rudek

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