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    Uninstall of IE 6


    by joe007 ·

    How to uninstall IE6 & Internet tools from WindowsXP & above.


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      by dmiles ·

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      NOTE: Internet Explorer 6 is preinstalled by default in all versions of Windows XP. To provide computer manufacturers greater flexibility in configuring desktop versions of Windows XP, Microsoft has made it possible for OEMs, administrators, and users to remove user access to Internet Explorer while leaving the Internet Explorer code intact and fully functional to ensure the functionality of programs and operating system functions that rely on it. For example, Windows XP supports an “IEAccess=off” switch in the Unattend.txt file, and Internet Explorer has been added to the Add/Remove Windows Components section of the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel.

      For additional information on how to repair or reinstall Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
      318378 How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP

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      Reply To: Uninstall of IE 6

      by willcomp ·

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      In layman’s terms, you can’t uninstall IE, just disable access to it, repair an installation, or install a newer version.


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      by rewrite ·

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      As stated in answer 1 ie is a part of the os. To remove it could seriously damage your system. That said, there is a program that claims to be able to remove ie from xp systems. Check here for info;

      Do your homework first and be sure to have all of your important info backed up! From what I can tell, ieradicator will not totally remove ie but can clear out about 30mb of data. It also makes massive changes to your registry. Be prepared if it totally trashes your system ad makes it unusable.



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      by dkzgambo ·

      In reply to Uninstall of IE 6

      try Control Panel, Add/Remove programmes,click on the Add/Remove windows components. There is an option of removing internet explorer and u just follow the respective prompts.

      Warning! i’ve neva tried it so take risk

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