Uninstall System Commander - Completely!

By cruffin ·
I (regretfully) installed System Commander on a Win XP SP2, and after realizing how completely it had taken over just about every system function, I uninstalled it - or thought so. Every time I boot now, I get the message "syscommand.sys cannot be found" and a boot partition menu. How can I get rid of that message, and go back to a normal boot?

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try this if you haven't

by CG IT In reply to Uninstall System Commande ...

boot from the System commander CD. then choose the option to uninstall it. System Commander writes to the MBR. When you use the uninstall fuction from the CD, it rewrites the MBR to a generic MBR.

If you've tried this method and it didn't work, the only other way is to boot to the Windows CD or a DOS CD and use the fdisk/mbr command to rewrite the MBR.

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Details for removal are within Commment 5

by CisfRjsii In reply to try this if you haven't

This works only if the original MBR was saved as BOOT.DAT, a hidden read only file and has not been altered or deletesd to which our companion HAS done...

Please Note:
That your method is correct if The Saved BOOT.DAT file unaltered can be recovered.
if non recoverable, a Red dialog Box with Boot I,,, appears asking you to select one of the OS it has found on your hardDrive

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Details for removal are w ...
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Uninstall Sysstem Commander

by dmiles In reply to Uninstall System Commande ...

If you used Add/Remove to uninstall System Commander,it left some files
The solution would be to reinstall System Commander,make sure you have turned off program in the system tray,then use the Uninstall Application under the Programs menu,using the unistall from the drop down menu will delete all files.
Hope this helps

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>>ZOMBIE ALERT - 27 months old !! {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Get Rid of Systems Comman ...
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Have another try about Absolute Uninstaller

by Joyce198608 In reply to Uninstall System Commande ...

You may have a try about Glarysoft's Absolute Uninstaller, it can completely uninstall and has a fast and user-friendly interface!Please go to http://www.glarysoft.com/au.html
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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Have another try about Ab ...

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how to uninstall system commander completely

by technocrat25 In reply to Uninstall System Commande ...

Some multiboot options replace the Master Boot Record Loader program with their own, to ensure they come up first and load the program from their partition.

To fully remove this type of program, it is best to start over deleting everything on the drive and reinstall. You will first need to rewrite the MBR (Master Boot Record) and recreate your partitions.

1. Create a bootable floppy.
2. fdisk /mbr

If this does not remove the program, then you will need to use the Hard Drive Manufacture's utility and perform a lower level format to rewrite the Hard Drive Profile and MBR.

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