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uninstall win98 on duel boot with win2k

By rwarrick ·
im running both win98 and win2k. i dont use win98 anymore ... is there a way to uninstall win98 with out damaging win2k???

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by daniel_damato In reply to uninstall win98 on duel b ...

You should have them on seperate partitions. So if that is the case its as simple as removing the partition using win2k computer management tool.

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management

Under Storage click Disk management
Select the partition that win98 is on
and click either format (that will clear all contents and put the desired file system on the partition) or select Delete logical drive (which will remove the partition giving you free space.

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make sure that ur computer loads the a drive before the c.... if not then u will have to go into system setup and go to the second option down on the left and make the order a,c, and e .
after that restart the computer and put the boot disk in then hit Shift-f5. it will ask u to type something and u need to type fdisk and hit enter.a question will be asked hit y then enter then hit enter on "delete primary partition", after that create a new 1. u will have to put ur win 98 cd in and start it up it will install win98. but u might have to switch to E drive insted of A

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by NetTek In reply to uninstall win98 on duel b ...

When dual booting, each OS is installed seperately from the other. System files and registries are completely seperate. The newer OS (in your case Win2K) always has control over which one to launch at startup, either manually or via a timer, via the boot.ini file located in the root drive.
To remove Windows 98 is a simple matter.
Boot to win2k, go to a c prompt, and type in:
attrib -H boot.ini
This will unhide the boot.ini file.
Edit the file to remove the entries for the option to boot to Windows 98.
Delete the windows folder containing Windows 98. Its that simple.

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by rwarrick In reply to uninstall win98 on duel b ...

thanx heaps .. the both OS were on the same partiotion and in the end i just formated and reinstalled win2k ... thanx for ya help

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