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    Unique MAC address for Mobile Broadband Cards


    by jvinson ·

    Question: In order to create a unique MAC address for Mobile Broadband PCMCIA Cards, how do I substitute or change the MAC address on Mobile Broadband Cards?

    Goal: Establish multiple remote site connections to Central Office VOIP system using Mobile Broadband Cards and Softphones.

    Roadblock: Mobile broadband cards (PPP/SLIP interface)use the same Mac Address (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T)i.e. 00-53-45-00-00-00.

    Since my VOIP system uses the MAC address to register the softphones, and since my remote sites are connecting to our VPN/VOIP system using mobile broadband cards, they all display the same MAC address.

    This is not a problem connecting to the central office vpn but I am able to register only one softphone at a time to the VOIP system. When I try to register the second remote softphone, it either replaces the first softphone registration or registers both softphones to the same phone number creating garbled communication. This is due to the same MAC address on the mobile broadband card

    HW/SW: Panasonic VOIP card and Softphones, Sprint Novatel S720 Mobile Broadband Cards, WindowsXP operating system, Netscreen Remote VPN Client.

    I’ve tried: Making changes in registry key 4d36e4972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318 (no sub key exists for the M B card), MAC address spoofing software, non-responsive sprint, panasonic and novatel technical support, changing virtual adapter settings on vpn client.

    I have hit the wall, but am not ready to give up yet. Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim

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      by jvinson ·

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      The Solution

      by importg ·

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      Hey I have worked on the same problem for the last 2 weeks spending at least 50 hours on this. I have tried everything too, and you can not use this VPN setup with the softphones. You will have to create a new VPN connection using OpenVPN(or similar system) for the softphones. The OpenVPN uses virtual adapters with randomly generated mac address to negotiate the VPN. These mac address and the ips get passed to the phones server thus eliminating the collisions. This can be used with your current VPN but softphone users will have to use OpenVPN. Hope this points you in the right direction.

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        thanks importg

        by jvinson ·

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        I decided to buy evdo routers for each of the remotes sites. The softphones work fine, I have a wireless access point and a gb lan through the evdo cards. Thanks for the information. I hadn’t thought of Open VPN, I’ll give that a try too. You never know when you might need it.


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