Unique PCI driver problem HELP!!!

By tdevine ·
Well let's start from the beginning: My boss's stepdaughter has an old Piece of C in dire straits, but it connects to the internet just fine through a linksys WMP54GS wireless network adapter, slow, but it works. So I decided to give the sweet lassie my old PC. I had an extra Maxtor 30 GB HD laying around so I formatted it and put on a copy of Windows XP Pro SP2 and updated it. I put this HD into an old Dell with a few good years left in it, 312MB of RAM with a 1.6 GHz Pentium processor, still a Piece of C but FAR better than what the poor girl had. I came to hook it up and set up her old 8 GB Quantum Fireball with 237MB free space as the slave drive. I plugged in the wireless adapter from the elder and turning on her new machine ran through the found new hardware wizard. I used the disk that came with the adapter and set it to auto pilot when it tells me there was an installation error: the system cannot find the file specified. Maybe it's the disk I thought, so I downloaded the driver from linksys and unzipped it to c:\linksys driver. Ran the wizard again and told it to use the specific driver file and got the same message. So I booted up the slave drive and sure enough the adapter worked just fine. So I got the driver details from that Device manager, found it, and copied it over to the other hard drive but when I tried to send the wizard to it I received the same error message again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything 500 times but still the same thing. Linksys was no help either. So I thought maybe my new friends in the tech republic could help me out. So how about it? I have the driver. I know it works. The card is physically installed correctly. Yet still the wizard says it "cannot find the file specified." Please help poor Amy get a computer that she can actually use. For now I guess I'll set the old HD as the master and she'll just have to suffer through some more. And she never complained.

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Good Linksys problems nothing new

by adelhier In reply to Unique PCI driver problem ...

I had many problems like this with Linksys stuff.

What i would do is check that you can see the card in device manager. Then make sure you got the right version of the drive as i see to version for that same card.

But good luck with this man.


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by big.shayne In reply to Unique PCI driver problem ...

You sort or neglected to specify what the old Fireball HDD is running. Is THAT too running Windows XP? I'm just asking because if it's running another Windows OS, it could be your driver is specifically meant for that OS and isn't crossing over to XP. Check it out, also check like the other reply said, and verify that you can see the card in Device Manager to make sure the computer is identifying with it.

If it's the case of the old HDD being an older OS (since it's only 8 GB, who the heck would run XP on that?) if that's the case see if there is an update for your card to use on XP.

Get back to me and let me know what OS is on the Quantum and try updating the driver for XP if needed.


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This is one

by XT John In reply to Unique PCI driver problem ...

of tha handiest utilites I've come across in years:


It will check what drivers are installed on a hard drive, you can check which ones you want, it makes a copy of all the necessary files. As mentioned previously, if the Quantam was running anything other than XP, the driver will not work with XP. But this utility is a great one to have regardless;-)

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Thanks guys!

by tdevine In reply to This is one

Well the Quantum was also running the same version of XP, but I needed a quick fix so I replaced the PCI NIC with a USB antenna and it worked fine the first time around. So now my pile of scrap parts has grown one old linksys card larger. Thanks for the driver magician link. I'm sure that this will come in quite handy! Thanks again everyone!

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