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By joerie_b ·
Hi! guys, i install a Dave program in my iMac and im new user of iMac, how can i unistall this program, coz this program is expired.any budy of u guys who know the crak of this Dave 4.XX program?



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by Blano In reply to unistall

Generally there are two ways to uninstall on a Mac
(technically three). In some cases, the entire application is
in one folder in your Applications folder - drag it to the
trash. In other cases, you can double-click on the installer
you used to install the program - and an uninstall option is
presented. Thirdly, you can use a program like Spring
Cleaning - which also snags any preference files and such.
Always be sure to review these as sometimes they can
inadvertently snag something you do not want to throw

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by lyon_bleu In reply to unistall

I'd just like to elaborate on Blano's answer.

If the installer generates a log file, you can use that to track
down all the files, including those related to copy protection.

Another utility that I've found indispensible is File Buddy
<>. Use it to take a "snapshot" before
and after an installation, and then create reports on what was
added, deleted, or modified by the installer.

I can't help but comment on what Blano graciously ignored;
this is not the forum for such requests. Even if I knew how to
do what you asked, I certainly wouldn't admit it publicly ;-)


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by wlbowers In reply to unistall

We will need to know if you are using OSX or OS9 to give you detailed instructions.


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