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    Universal Computer naming


    by jthibodeau ·

    Is there a way to automatically set the computer name in a field? for instance %username% will work for the username. I am trying to set spybot to work in a schedule as the local administrator but whe I create an image of one machine and deploy it to another using altiris, spybot will try to run as a user that does not exist. I’ve searched technet and the web and heven’t gotten much help. I’m hoping that this community will.

    James Thibodeau

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      Environment variables

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Universal Computer naming

      The XP environment variable for username is %username%. For computer name it is %computername%.

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        Enviornmental variables

        by jthibodeau ·

        In reply to Environment variables

        I found a list of variables just after I posted this. I am using the “scheduled tasks” and the variables don’t seem to work. I get an 0x800 message.

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      Figured it out

      by jthibodeau ·

      In reply to Universal Computer naming

      I got the problem licked. I did some extensive researching throught some old books and I found the answer. All I you ahve to do to not require a domain\username for a scheduled task is enter “SYSTEM”

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        Variable or Username?

        by dennisfp ·

        In reply to Figured it out

        Is SYSTEM a variable such as %SYSTEM%, or a username inside of scheduled tasks?

        Would just like a clarification for future reference. Thanks.

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          Reply To: Universal Computer naming

          by jthibodeau ·

          In reply to Variable or Username?

          All you have to do is type system. It’s not an enviornmental variable. What it will do is automatically launch the scheduled event as the local administrator.

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