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University of Phoenix degree

By EMinIT ·
I am supposed to start my first class on the 25th of this month
but after reading everyone's comments, I'm now having
reservations. I want my time and effort to be worth something
when I graduate. I decided on UOP because I could earn a
degree in four years compared to the rate I'm going at a JC, it
takes so long. A friend of mine is going there and I've
asked her what she thinks, she's had alot of positive things to
say. She did say she was worried that she might not get the
kind of job she is hoping to get when she graduates. I am
currently in the IT field and thought this program would be
helpful. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I am currently attending AIU

by Garion11 In reply to University of Phoenix deg ...

Here is some info.

I went to (a great great resource) for information on Online colleges, (check out their messageboards).

I was contacted by several colleges, and I chose AIU Online The reason being their service was very good, their site and presentation was excellent, the programs that they offered were what I was looking for, and the cost plus time was unbeatable. Phoenix, although an excellent school, was too expensive for my situation, plus the time was too long. AIU was reasonable (although still expensive) and it will take me 13 months to graduate (Sept/2005 is wait it WIN be my graduation date:). They excepted my certifications (A+, Network+, MCSA, MCP, DELL) for a bunch of credits, plus my previous college credits, combined with my CLEP exams (I have to take 2), I was placed directly into the Bachelor program. I start classes at the end of August and I can't wait.

I have a BIG PICTURE OF a diploma as my background to keep myself motivated . Another thing I heard, the Online college programs are no joke. Its intense, very very intense, with about a paper (sometimes 2 papers of 5 pages each) a week, plus group projects, research projects, time management, etc...

Don't be nervous, it will be fun, and you will have that degree. That piece of paper is so important if you decide to switch careers, start a business, get a loan, keep to it. Good luck.

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except or accept

by john_wills In reply to I am currently attending ...

You say they excepted your certifications. From what did they except them?

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by Garion11 In reply to except or accept

It was supposed to be accepted, lol.

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I got mine fom UOP

by gralfus In reply to University of Phoenix deg ...

It was expensive and 90% of the classes were just fine. The newsgroup method of doing class worked well for me and I only had one teammate that slacked off his work on the rest of us. He found he could still get A's because the University is primarily interested in your money, not your performance. But that is also a direct reflection of the teacher you happen to get, some are hard nosed beyond reason, but most are way too easy going.

All in all, it was worth it and helped me get my current position. They didn't give a rip where the degree was from, as long as it was accredited, which UOP is. I picked up some programming skills and learned quite a bit also from the others in my class. Classes tend to be not so in-depth due to the accelerated rate, but there is a LOT of reading.

Be prepared to work with a wide variety of people. I had everything from counterculture granola\pagan\leftists to housewives to career military personnel. Most were fine, a couple were difficult, but the workplace will be that way too.

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Cost Comparison

by Salamander In reply to University of Phoenix deg ...

I'm considering attending Baker College, which is regionally-accredited. I have heard many positive things from people who have taken classes with them. They have a physical campus and an online program that is substantially less expensive than all others I have seen. Check it out and compare all your options before you decide, and best of luck!

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