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University of Phoenix Degrees

By max98037 ·
I am about to attend the University of Phoenix. But before I actually sign on the dotted line, I'd like to know usefull in the workplace their degrees are. Does anyone out there have any experiences or knowledge about UOP? Any input would be helpfull.

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value of a degree

by john_wills In reply to University of Phoenix Deg ...

How do we compare degrees generally? In some countries exams are graded by teachers from other universities, so that a BA Hons(2nd), for example, from Glasgow Caledonian is worth the same as a BA Hons(2nd) from Cambridge. But this is not done in theU.S., so a degree from Cal Tech is worth a great deal more than one from Walden. The approximate equivalence of degrees is sought by accreditation, in which an institution is reviewed by staff from other institutions in the same association. In my experience they worry more about parking than about academic measurement, so what accreditation of the U of Ph means is not clear to me.

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phoenix and accredidation

by tracarts In reply to value of a degree

UOP has received the accredidation from CHEA, Council for Higher Education Accrediation, just like all the big name universities. I got my Masters in CIS from them, but at the same time, I knew a young lady that got hers from Regis University in Denver. We used to laugh about the fact that the programs were identical. Regis has 175 years of functioning and Phoenix has 25. Is there a difference, between the degrees, no. Phoenix actually has the better reputation in the business world, due to the hands on real world nature of the projects, in the classroom and their dedication to selecting instructors, who A: have a graduate degree, B: work in the field they teach, and C: are willing to go through the 8 month interview process to be highered. Most of the instructors I had were absolutely fabulous. And yes I am biased, but I also researched them fairly well before I signed up.

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University of Phoenix degree

by EMinIT In reply to phoenix and accredidation

I am supposed to start my first class on the 25th of this month
but after reading everyone's comments, I'm now having
reservations. I want my time and effort to be worth something
when I graduate. I decided on UOP because I could earn a
degree in four years compared to the rate I'm going at a JC, it
takes so long. A friend of mine is going there and I've
asked her what she thinks, she's had alot of positive things to
say. She did say she was worried that she might not get the
kind of job she is hoping to get when she graduates. I am
currently in the IT field and thought this program would be
helpful. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Be cafefull!

by zulu149 In reply to University of Phoenix Deg ...

I attended one course their. Does the term, "pay for your grade," mean anything to you? They are a high priced, car salesmen fronting a university name. Don't go there if you want to obtain a degree. Believe it or not your community college has a higher standard than UOP. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you are not knee deep in $*%&.

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Definitely not worth it.

by Reztles In reply to University of Phoenix Deg ...

I have attended 5 classes and am preparing to withdraw. Reasons: 5 classes = approx. $5,000. In addition, almost 50% of your grade is dependent on a team project. There is one student in my team who cannot write a coherent paragraph. He is receiving A's and B's. What does that say about the quality of the degree? If I were hiring, I would definitely disregard someone with a BSIT from UoP.

I am earning a 4.0 GPA but their methods certainly cheapen it.

The more money I have sunkinto it the more I have felt that I must stay to complete the program so that the I haven't totally wasted the money I have already spent. I continue to throw good money after bad. I am done.

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But does U of Ph Degree get you job?

by PMercer In reply to Definitely not worth it.

The bigger question here is not how the students perceive the program, but how do employers perceive graduates from U of Phoenix . . . I am also a student of U of Ph, and I agree there are some things I don't like about the program. But, as in anything else, the job/school, etc. its what you make of it. I am doing my best to learn as much as I can, and take advantage of the opportunities to develop team skills and presentation skills which will help me in my currnet position, and hopefully helpif I choose to work elsewhere. And, I am very interested in knowing how employers respond to a U of Ph degree.

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Don't count on any degree to get you a job

by homerunfarm In reply to But does U of Ph Degree g ...

Obtaining a degree from any university doesn't guarantee that you will get the job you want; however, it will help you get your foot in the door for an interview. As for UofP's reputation, I work for a large aerospace corporation, which narrows down resumes by checking off requirement boxes. Bachelor's degree: yes or no. The school isn't a consideration. That's not to say that once you pass HR, the interviewees won't have some pre-conceived notions/biases about the schools you attended and probably how you look for that matter (even though that shouldn't be a consideration).

You need to be able to go into an interview confident about your learning experience. I am a UofP student and I am pleased with my accomplishments. UofP requires commitment, sacrifice and time management. It helps you learn how to function in a team. When I first started UofP, I disliked the team assignments. It made me a little upset to see some slackers get by with little effort. However, I have learned how to hone my leadership skills and better deal with difficult people and situations as a result (trust me, you will encounter many slackers on the job - if you have not already - so it is good experience). Slackers do not necessarily get the same grade, because team members evaluate each other and based on these evaluations and review of the team folder instructors can give out lower grades to non-performers.

I have gained valuable experience and learned a lot from my UofP experience. By the way, I attended traditional universities (WMU, WSU and Oakland Universty, Rocherster Hils) in the past and actually think I am getting more out of the UofP learning experience. I am thankful for the online learning opportunity, which is very well suited to the working professional.

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by vltiii In reply to Definitely not worth it.

I concur with your assessment. I'm on my second class with UoP and so far not a day has gone by that I haven't thought "there must be other alternatives". In addition to the team concept, there is very little instruction taking place. UoP emphasizes doing a lot of research in place of instruction as opposed to supplementing it. I feel like I'm teaching myself, and if that's true I don't need to give them any money even if my employer is footing the bill.

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Engage the instuctor by asking questions

by homerunfarm In reply to Re:

If you want to engage the instructor ask thought provoking questions and specifically request the instructor's feedback.

I've been in large lecture halls (300+ capacity) at traditional universities with instructors droning on and didn't gain anything more than if I read the material in the comfort of my own home.

Quite honestly UofP instructors are more accessible than some university instructors and UofP instructors have real world not just academic experience.

Try putting a little more effort into and you might be more pleased with what you get out of it.

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go for it, if you have reimbursement

by aic712 In reply to University of Phoenix Deg ...


I am currently a UOP student, finishing my ninth class, majoring in businesss / mgmt. First off, the CHEA does not accredit schools, phoenix is accredited by the higher learning comission / north central association of schools; the same body that credits the University of Arizona. UOP is recognized as accredited by the CHEA (, not accredited by them. Also, they are a canditate for ACBSP accreditation, a recognized professional business accreditor. I would recommend the program, though there is good and bad. I was lucky to get in with a good team, and have heard horror stories about the team work when one person is pulling all the weight, so be careful who you choose. It is PRICEY, if you have reimbursement, go for it, otherwise, you will be paying a lot in loans or out of pocket. If you want a verifiable, accredited, and recognized degrees (over 200,000 students can't be wrong) go for it. And also, if you are looking for a great Distance learning Forum, and want any answers, go to, I am a member there, and received invaluable information concerning adult and distance education. feel free to e-mail me @ if you have any further questions,

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