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(University Project) Overview of Web Frameworks and common vulnerabilities

By cs_student ·
Hi All,

Firstly, I am currently a computer science student in Australia and for a current project I was tasked to research and compare various web development frameworks with a focus on security. The premise set for my project was that no-one else is doing this (comparing frameworks by security).
I’d like to present the following summary that I generated; https://imgur.com/a/LOmI7
The table is divided into Good(Green) & Bad(Red) elements for each Frameworks' Vulnerability.
(Not shown is approximated 8 pages of detail, examples and prevention methods concerning the above table.)

The issues identified are non-exhaustive; I tried to cover a broad range of issues that come with each vulnerability.

1. For current web developers; Given the freedom to choose any web framework for your next project, would a summary/tool like this aid your decision?
2. Negating visual aspects (Microsoft Word isn’t ideal, I know), how would you improve this type of summary so that is was more useful?
3. For a beginner developer (Me), beyond a Frameworks’ Official Documentation, where would you direct them to better understand security requirements? (I currently refer to OWASP and Official Documents in my project).



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