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Unix drivers

By yno ·
Hello, maybe someone has information about unix drivers. about instaling, differences betwen windows, some test tools. like in windows Driver development kit, and using of it. may be there are some benchmarks, tests between windows and unix drivers. i wil be very grateful if someone would help me. Tnak's.

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Performance or development?

by stress junkie In reply to Unix drivers

I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you want to see some performance comparisons between Unix and Windows or are you asking for information to create Unix drivers compared to creating Windows drivers?

My own experience comparing graphic card drivers showed that Nvidia drivers work great and run fast on Linux; ATI drivers work okay running OpenGL games on Linux but slow down 2D graphic response compared to the generic SVGA driver. I would therefore conclude that the Nvidia drivers for Linux compare well to the Nvidia drivers for Windows but the ATI drivers for Linux do not perform as well as the ATI drivers for Windows.

I doubt that there is much difference in performance between Windows and Linux or Windows and Unix for other types of hardware generic hardware. Specialised disk storage arrays such as those from Sun Microsystems might show some performance differences due to drivers.

Here is a rare web site that compares performance of drivers for various graphic cards on Windows and on Linux.

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term paper

by yno In reply to Performance or developmen ...

You see i am writing term paper. theme: problems creating OS drivers. i have to write with what programs, drivers can be created, tested etc. windows have driver development kit, i already wrote about it, i dont know any similar programs, so maybe you know some. and now i am writing about unix drivers. and i have to write something simmilar things.

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Sorry. I don't know.

by stress junkie In reply to term paper

Unfortunately I don't write software. I wish I could have been more help.

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here is

by Jaqui In reply to Unix drivers

a good resource on how to develop device drivers for linux:

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by theroyala In reply to here is

GNU/Linux has for the most part supplanted unix.
For the linux device modules the manufacturer of
the chip will usually provide a driver source.
If not a driver source, developer information,
sdk's, etc. maybe provided. GPL licence
discourages drivers that interface with other
GPL'd source from being withheld. The copyright
still applies however. Sometimes the driver will
contain firmware that the device runs or device
specific information. They may include this as a
binary and provide the module interface code
only. In the case of device specific information
it makes sense to at least disclose this some
where, otherwise it becomes difficult to
correctly operate the device. Driver development
has two major roles, writing and improving the
driver and keeping it current w/ the chips in
production, and debugging, integrating and
keeping the code current w/ the other kernel
source. Get the devices driver in the
distributed vanilla kernel source can be a major
benefit to the user since the modules will not
need to be compiled outside of the kernel (which
can be a critical obstical for someone who did
not compile their own kernel) and the source will
be maintained w/ the rest of the kernel (which
means it is more likely to compile correctly).
Given these circumstances linux users are
compelled to buy devices that have good support
in the kernel source.

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Test Site for Alternative OS

by warhog73 In reply to Unix drivers

I'm always late to thse parties it seems, but if you want to do your own testing, try this site on for size - I'm no computer wizard, but I really dig this site and the options & possibilities it presents. Still in beta, but it's pretty cool _

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