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Unix file encrypt accessible to Windows

By DanLM ·
I am putting in place a CVS repository that will reside on a Mac OS X server accessible by the application staff via ssh and pserver. I strongly suggested, and they agreed that we put in place a backup procedure that is automated. This backup procedure looks to be a shell script running on the mac server which will tar and gzip the directories, and then copy them to a network drive. They raised the concern that these files be protected on the network drive so that others could not access their source code(sloppy code resides with hard coded passwords to db in it).
Also, the person that will be admin in charge of the CVS isn't highly technical, so the restore procedure needs to be fairly straight forward.
I have mapped the CVS directory to her home directory she has mounted on her windows machine. I was hoping to allow the restore procedure to be as simple as her pointing at the backup file with winzip, and restoring the directories that way. I know that winzip can open tar.gz, and I also know that winzip has password capabilities.

So, my question:
Is there something on unix(preinstalled/open source) that can create a pass word protected file that can be accessible by winzip? If so, can I command line it in a script?


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by Jaqui In reply to Unix file encrypt accessi ...

you might be able to encrypt the archive with crypt, but then only the mac would be able to unencrypt it.

password locking of archives isn't commonly used outside of windows environments.

I would recommend using access controls on the folder where the archives are being stored as more effective and easier to implement.

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