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UNIX -> WIN95 over 56k Line - HELP

By Shanghai Sam ·
Help please !! I have UNIX box, providing an accounting program, serial connection to a CSU/DSU -> using a DSO 56k dedicated leased line talking to another CSU/DSU (50 miles away). Using Best Communication software and ICE TEN that provides the terminal emulation for the program. My question is... I want to be able to use the program on a second PC, but how will I be able to network them ? Please help.

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UNIX -> WIN95 over 56k Line - HELP

by Shanghai Sam In reply to UNIX -> WIN95 over 56k Li ...

it is a pity you use a serial connection. Most unixes can easily handle clients over a network.. but then you would need a network link (routers)

so in your case there are several options :

you could buy two serial multiplexors (4 port ones were cheap in the past) on each side of the link. be aware of the synchronous/not synchronous type of the modems.. most muxes use sync modems only.
This option gives you 4 independent serial connections over the link.

or you could change the connection from serial link to networking (which i would prefer) but it is a bit more involved.
you could put a serial router on both sides of the link like the smc barricade ones.
if your unix box can handle network logins
(and you have licenced them..SCO has such licences without networking.. ugh(:-()
you could connect it directly to the unix box and to the win95 machines and use network login (telnet/rlogin) this ICE would work fine there.
if unix cannot handle tcp/ip you could take such an remote serial box like these DIGI boxes and connect these serial ports to the unix terminals. still using tcp on the win side.


maybe the simpelest approach if these users donot work at the same time just use a serial splitter :) or make ityourself with a couple of diodes and resistors.

i hope this gives you some ideas.

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