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1. A user at a UNIX terminal types the following commands:

a | b | c &

d | e | f &

After the shell has processed them, how many new processes are running?

2. Consider a bounded-buffer monitor in which the buffers are embedded within the monitor itself. The strict mutual exclusion within the monitor makes it mainly suitable for small buffers. Explain.

3. A system has two processes and three identical resources. Each process needs a maximum of tworesources. Is deadlock possible? Explain

4. A machine has 48-bit virtual addresses and 32-bit physical addresses. Pages are 8KB. How many entries are needed for the page table?

5. In UNIX and Windows, random access is done by having a special system call that moves the ?current position? pointer associated with a file to a given byte in the file. Propose an alternative way to do random access without having this system call. State a disadvantage to your proposal.

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