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Unix & Oracle Q&A tips

By mallickjsi ·
As a IT Manager I want a help from you related to Question & Answer of Unix and Oracle. u pl send me 15/20 questions and their answers so that at interview time I can ask these questions.

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Unix & Oracle Q&A tips

by diabetic In reply to Unix & Oracle Q&A tips

I'm going to provide you with an answer that you probably don't want to hear.

You could do this, but it would be wrong!

It is exceptionally dangerous to try and fool candidates, pretending to have knowledge that you don't currently possess, and it is somewhat unethical to ask candidates questions when you do not know enough about the subject matter to be able to effectively judge the completeness/accuracy of the answer -- especially with things like operating systems and robust data baseswhere even some of the simplest questions could have multiple answers that are correct.

This wold be unfair to both you and to any candidate.

A better approach would to to have the candidate describe any experience they have had with Unix or Oracle systems, and you can see if their experience matches your current needs.

You could also bring your in-house Unix/Oracle person into the part of the interview that deal with that subject matter and allow the candidate to talk to your content expert, that would allow the two people with similar technical backgrounds to discuss your needs and the candidate's experience, and you will receive valuable feedback from your own person.

I know that this is not what you were looking for, but i hope that you will rethink this strategy, both for your sake and the sake of any candidates who may be interviewed by you.

Humbly submitted,

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