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By netwrk_admn ·
When I saw that Unix post, I couldn't help but ask this one question. What is the best way to get a Unix box talking to a Windows 2000 SP 4 server? This windows server is going to handle all our back up to disks, and then offload it from there onto tapes and this Unix machine needs to get backed up this way unless we buy new hardware. Any suggestions?

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Samba? SFU?

by betterhands In reply to Unix question

a few years ago when i had to do something similar, i implemented Samba on our UNIX machine for file-sharing (gets UNIX machines to speak Windows, or SMB). it worked well.

you can check it out here:

also Microsoft's Services for Unix might be an option for you:

this gets the Windows machine to speak UNIX.

how's it going in Southfield?

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samba is pretty easy to set up also

by DanLM In reply to Samba? SFU?

I've been using samba on my home network for the last 5 years or so. Because samba has been around for so long, there are a large number of tutorials/how to out there for reference.
I have used samba to communicate with both 98se and xp.


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by netwrk_admn In reply to Samba? SFU?

Things in southfield are good - getting cold though!!

I did browse that site on Friday, I do want to take this step. I passed it to my IT director to ensure it would be compatible (i only played with unix in college briefly).

I should have mentioned he doesn't like the Samba option, apparantely you can only write in .tar format, which has burned him in the past.

I will most likely use that microsoft tool mentioned on the site. You've help reaffirm my decision.

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I'm going to bump this up again

by netwrk_admn In reply to Samba? SFU?

I am really beginning to enjoy these forums.

So I installed the MS Services for Unix and got our Unix box talking to our DC as a Server for NFS.

My boss is sending out a CPIO file and getting stuck at about 1 gb, and the entire output file is going to be 16 gigs. It says there is no disk space to overwrite (not exact message).

NFS v 3 is enabled on the windows DC and is also running on the Unix box, which i've read can be a bottleneck. Has anyone encountered this before? Please help!

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