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UNIX - research help

By angie4christ ·
I have to do a research paper on the following 4 questions. Can you help me find the information needed?
1.Why is UNIX considered the "workhorse" of all OS?
2. Caomparison of the Macintosh and UNIX file systems.
3. How does UNIX and Macintosh handle file permissions?
4. What is the shell & why is it significant in the UNIX OS?

Any information is greatly appreciated. My paper is due April 20th.

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by apotheon In reply to UNIX - research help

1: That's an extremely complex question with extremely complex answers. You'll have to sort that out for yourself.

2: These days, there's very little difference, since MacOS X now a unix-based OS.

3: See above. MacOS X is a unix OS.

4: Use the following URL to find information. It's really simple to use Google, y'know. The very first link on the page will get you started, though at a glance it looks like it doesn't really touch on the variety of different unix shells available on modern systems.

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by jbaker In reply to UNIX - research help

As the previous responder said, these can be difficult questions to answer.

1) I consider UNIX to be a workhorse because it is compact (not much extra code than is needed to function), stable (many stories of *Nix machines running for years without ever needing a reboot), and robust (ever heard of a Unix virus?).

2)Mac OS X runns on the BSD kernel, a Unix implementation.

3)google Unix file permissions. Unix is based on least access.

4)The shell is simply a command interpretor for the kernel. There are numerous shells, and each have their strengths and weaknesses. I think it is siginificant because the user can decide what shell he or she wants to use, and "personalize" the OS to his or her needs.

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easy stuff

by mike In reply to UNIX - research help

1. Because it works. It?s been around and it?s been tested and it works. Can't explain that any other way. It attracts the 'serious' dedicated geek types because it?s complicated. Complicated (compared to Windows) is good, right?

2. Mac OSX is the very user friendly pretty version of Unix (BSD based). Used them and think they are kool. The advocates for them are a little. fanatical though.

3. The security for file permissions in OSX and Unix's is straight forward and complete. One of the strengths of Unix's is the stability of its underlying file system security. I have managed both and go back to my Unix servers knowing they are set up correctly.

4. Give me a prompt anytime. Many sysadmins and even the Windows ones will open a command window or terminal session, and do what needs to be done in half the time it takes with menus and boxes. Seeing as Unix for the most part is/was a console based OS for access, most admins will still use the command prompt to get things done. In addition, many needed things are not committed to a pretty interface ...yet.

Those are complicated questions and hard to answer in a forum like this. If you want details then I would suggest as the other posters did, use google. There are lots of Unix/Linux groups (and Mac) that would be happy to assist you (and convert you). Hope you do well on your paper.

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by angie4christ In reply to easy stuff

Thank you all for your help. I will check out google to see what I can find.

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