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unix sco version

By sahilshaa ·
i have unix sco version in my server and one is my client on this server my client has ISA 3com lan card but now lan card has been demadge how i install new lan card(any brand) on my client.
give me any advise if u have
thank you

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by jdclyde In reply to unix sco version

You didn't state version, but if using OpenServer 5 or higher this should work. Will be different for UnixWare.

Use the Network Configuration Manager if you want a gui to help you.

Type Networks, will bring up manager.

Select the hardware - add new lan adapter

It should try to auto detect.
If detected, select and follow menues.
If not, you will have to try to select the card manually from the list of supported NIC's.

Try to stay with a name brand like INTEL or 3COM. You don't want an econo card in a server.

After adding the hardware, you will have to add the protocol (the add protocol window should open)

put in your network stats.

Exit the manager.

Relink the kernel, y to boot to the new kernel by defauld and rebuild.


Use netstat -in to view the stats of your card.
Use hwconfig to view card config.

For more info on this see the help.
networking documentation set
Cnfiguring Network Connections
Chapter 1: Configuring network connectiosn.

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by jdclyde In reply to unix sco version

After looking at your history of asking questions and never having the concideration of rating a single answer, you have been nominated to the Wall of Worms for being such a worm.

Here are a few discussions you may find of interest as they are about you.

Your mommy never taught you to say "Thank you" when someone helps you out? Esp when that "help" probably saved your miserable job, based on your questions?

Very rude.

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