Unix services, ports, operating system and programs

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For any tpyical windows installation, you can:
1.get operating system information by right clicking my computer-->properties.
2.get a list of open/listening ports by typing "netstat -a" in the command prompt.
3. get a list of services by typing "services.msc" in the command prompt
4.get a list of programs by going into the control panel-->add/remove programs.

How do you do these 4 items, simply, on the majority of UNIX installations?

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Basic UNIX commands

More here:

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Partial answer

by jimmy-jam In reply to Unix services, ports, ope ...

Not sure how to check the OS version but...
Open ports use netstat<br/>
list of running services ps -ef<br/>
installed programs use pkginfo -l

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Some more

by vhrocker In reply to Unix services, ports, ope ...

System info: uname -a

ports: netstat...

services: ps ; top ; and/or look in /etc/rc.d

programs: pkginfo is a good start, though each system may handle this differently.

Check with your OS docs and man pages for more specifics.

Man pages: man <command> {i.e. man top; man ls; etc.}

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