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UNIX sockets for IPC

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
UNIX or local sockets is another way to achieve interprocess communication. Have you used UNIX sockets for this purpose?

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by sudhirm In reply to UNIX sockets for IPC


I have 2 questions which always i'm confused.

1> what are filedescriptors , why and when they are used.

2> TCP parameter: what does CLOSE_WAIT mean? and how to avoid it?

Thanks & Regards

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File descriptors

by Mike Owens In reply to question

A file descriptor is like a handle in windows programming. It represents a file and you use the file descriptor is used when you perform operations on that file. The file descriptor is an int data type. If the open fails the file descriptor will be set to -1 and you check errno for the exact error.

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