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Unix under VPN environment

By samprav ·
Hi all,I am using Unix Tru64 version 5.0a with Alphaserver.Previously the Unix was connected to the router.This router was used to connect to the remote branch with a lease line.Now recentely we have changed the router infact lease line with VPN.i.e. Now at both the branches we have Win2k VPN running hence the Unix is now Behind win2k VPN.I have added a static route in unix as for accessing the LAn range of remote branch use WIN2k Ip as a default gateway.But after a day or so the UNIX is showing me that the disk space in UNIX is full and the shared memory is not getting initialized.Does this change in gateway makes any kind of implecations on generating Log files or some other activities which tents to occupy system space?
I am really confused now about what could be the problem.Can somebody help me ?
Regards and thanks

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by steve_mckay In reply to Unix under VPN environmen ...


In answer to your question about changing a gateway having an effect on log files, the short answer is "it depends". What are you logging? How much detail are you logging? What did you change? What did you break? All kinds of things could be going on.

One thing at a time.

First your disk space issue. You need to look at what disk is filling up. Is it /var ? That's where you would expect a log file problem to be. Try using "du | sort -rn | head" to try ti identify what you biggest files are, and then tail the biggest (or fastest growing) log files. You will probably find some clues there.

Then the network. Is it working? What about your old configuration? Is it still working, or is the old router gone? If the router is gone, did you remove that route?

Since you have made some recent network changes, it's a good bet something is amiss in your network configuration. What exactly did you change?


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