Unknown cause of video problem. PLS. Help!

By jash_kidding ·
Sir/Ma'am/s good day. Its about a video problem w/one my client's laptop(ASUS A6000). It suddenly had a video problem with regards to 3D games or anything 3D. I ran dxdiag on the laptop and noticed that when I run the test for direct 3D in the display tab it shows the spinning direct X sign but its pixelated(?) or it shows many squares of interference to describe it in detail those squares look like your old TV w/ no signal and then after the tests, some control buttons had a thick green line on the top part and specs of dots in the remaining parts of the buttons. And when he plays 3D games(warcraft 3, dungeon siege 2 and counter-strike portable), the whole screen looks like your old TV w/ no signal but besides that it seems fine(web,videos,office apps, etc.). My searching lead me to two things; the RX55 memory register and a virus/ware that messes up direct 3D. I'm not sure and I don't want to tweak my client/friend's laptop without an idea of problem. So far what I've done was reinstall the VGA driver and loaded optimal defaults for the BIOS(both no effect). I'll post some screenshots as soon as I can. Any help/opinion/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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Samples for you...

by Kingbackwards In reply to Unknown cause of video p ...

Your problem sounds more like a hardware problem and not necessarily a software problem.

First make sure to clean the laptop's vents (and guts if your adventurous) most common issues for laptops I've seen stem from some kind of ventilation issue. (The laptop overheats and gets glitchy)

If it is a hardware problem theres no easy way to fix it in a laptop but hopefully these samples will help you diagnose the issue:


Also, if you can get your hands on a linux Live CD/DVD and boot from that and run a video stress/benchmark test such as Umark. If you see the errors there it will rule out the problem being software related.

If it is software, see if you can get combo to work with uninstalling/reinstalling the display devices and drivers. Otherwise you may need to reinstall the OS.

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Just like that

by jash_kidding In reply to Samples for you...

Sir Kingbackwards,
The problem is just like the screenshots I saw on the link. I'll try/check everything that you said and the things on the link. Thanks for reading and for the suggestion.

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This actually sounds more like a Hardware issue to me as well

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unknown cause of video p ...

And I would hazard a guess that it is related to heat. How long after turning on do you get this effect?

If it requires the NB to be running for at least some time before the display starts going off I would say that the Video Chips are overheating and loosing correct Function. As a test insert a Cool Pad like this one


Make sure to plug it into a USB Port and see if that helps the situation. If ti does the Video is on it's way out and most likely needs a replacement M'Board. I never sell a NB without one of these Active Cool Pads as they just extend the NB's life dramatically.


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Already has a cooler

by jash_kidding In reply to This actually sounds more ...

Sir OH Smeg,
The NB has already been running w/ a cooler/ cool pad for as long as I know. The owner never takes it outside nor unplugs the AC Adapter when using the NB. Any other suggestions sir? Thanks for reading.

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Well then if it is a Active Cooler

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Already has a cooler

The Video Card is shot and this generally requires the replacement of the M'Board.

No other option that I am aware of particularly if the Posted Screen Shots are a accurate description of the actions of the system.

However have you tried a different OS? Whenever you get things that may be either Software or Hardware you should run a Live Linux for a few hours and see if the problems repeat themselves. If they do you have a Hardware Issue and if they don't a Reload will generally cure things.



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