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Unknown Domain/Workgroup

By morales ·
On our company network when you look up all Windows Networks in My Network Places we have an unknown domain /workgroup that shows up. None of us in IT knows who it belongs to, and we're not sure how to track it down. Any suggestions?

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by jschein In reply to Unknown Domain/Workgroup

open the "domain" or "workgroup".. You should see a pc in there... and get the computername

From the cmd prompt, type:

ping computername

This should give you the I.P. address of the computer. From there, you will know basically where the pc is hooked up at if you have more than one domain / workgroup / building ... etc.

If you want from the run cmd after that, if it is a company pc that was setup wrong or someone fiddled with, you can type:

\\computername\c$ and jump into that pc and find all the files in it... find out who the user is...

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by morales In reply to

We can't delve into the workgroup at all, no rights. So we can't see anything underneath it.

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by jaboy78 In reply to Unknown Domain/Workgroup

Actually u need time for the network to refresh the network neighbourhood..the unknown workgroup belongs to one off your network pc before u change to the domain of that pc or workstation.

Why not try to off all the computer including of the server for maybe around 4 to 5 hours...and on it back, it will refresh itself.

The unknown workgroup will be gone.

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by morales In reply to

This is a corporate network, just shutting it down for a few hours is not really an option.

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by jschein In reply to Unknown Domain/Workgroup

A workgroup is a workgroup... there is NO non-access... If you open the WORKGROUP and it is empty, then the offending PC is offline. Your only measure is to monitor the workgroup and await until a pc pops up in there. Then you will know it is online and from there you can go to findout out whom the culprit is.

Workgroups are not a "deniable access" inside a domain. only pc's that you don't know the passwords to are...

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by morales In reply to

So a day later now the machines in our corporate domain are no longer in the blackhawk workgroup too, however now I'm back to not being able to access the machines. A screenshot of the actual error I get when I try to double click the workgroup is here: Essentially all I want to do is get Blackhawk out of My Network Places. I don't want it to be displayed there, so that's really the only answer I'm looking for.

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by DEREKHYPS In reply to Unknown Domain/Workgroup

you may need to change your workgroup name to match that of the offending pc. if its offline your pc will become the master browser an you may see the computername. sometimes routers have bridging turned on and it from another subnet. you see the workgroup but its not on your local net.

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by morales In reply to

The mystery workgroup is called Blackhawk, I built a new PC and put it in the Blackhawk workgroup, and now it can be delved but the PC I just built is the only machine in it. I then joined that PC to my domain, but now when I dleve Blackhawk from My Network Places it shows all of the objects from my domain. The objects appear under Blackhawk AND under the domain. What the ****?

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by djrampant In reply to Unknown Domain/Workgroup

My guess is that someone has installed a printer into your lan and has given it a netbios workgroup name of BLACKHAWK.

This would explain why you can see it as a workgroup but cannot drill down any further.

I don't know how many printers you have, but it would be worth checking these first as this is exactly what happened on our network.

It was painful but it did solve the problem. We also found lots of other protocols running on these printers that we didn't want as well.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Good luck.

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by Iphicles In reply to Unknown Domain/Workgroup

Do you have any wireless AP's?
If anyone outside your domain brings their laptop and connects to your network, their domain or workgroup will appear in your network places.

Check your wins server and remove any mappings to that domain.

also, disable broadcasting if you have a wireless network.

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