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I a total novice here. Problem is ... I have no idea why I even have an additional power supply cord attached to my modem.

My ISP initially installed my computer modem a few years ago. Modem plugged directly into computer ... then to outlet. No other power supply present.

A couple weeks ago, I found a AC adapter power supply one end plugged into modem, leading to small black box ... from small black box ... plugged into outlet.

Contacted ISP Provider to ask why the power supply was there. They did not install that and suggested that it may be a battery backup. I did not install that.

Just doesn't make sense to me (I do have an ex-husband who has been stalking me and has made several attempts -- sometimes successful -- to hack his way into my computer). Has illegally accessed my home in the past.

Can someone explain to me if that "power supply" box can provide computer info to outsiders?

Delta Electronics Inc, AC adapter Input/Output. Motorola "for use with technology equipment".

I'd appreciate any help!!
I removed it from my modem and outlet and lost internet connection.

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That is a Power Pack for the Modem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to UNKNOWN POWER SUPPLY CONN ...

It gets it's power from the mains socket and converts AC Power into DC Power so that the modem has power.

If you insist that it was not there before remove it from the Modem and watch the lights go out.

As it is a Simple Plug Pack it's only propose is to convert Mains Power into a usable form for the modem so that it can connect you to the Internet.

As for if it can be used to provide Information to the outside only if it has been modified and had parts added and then you would require several Million $ of equipment to read the signals.

You are being Paranoid. Plug it back in and use the Internet or unplug it and have no Internet connection that you are paying for.

If someone wanted to get your Information there are far easier ways.


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Maybe it's a black 'sabbath' box ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That is a Power Pack for ...

Ozzy Osbourne is hiding inside it taking notes about the OPs online activities - you'd be Paranoid to believe that !! :^0

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I just like the way that some people

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Maybe it's a black 'sabba ...

Think that a Electrical Device doesn't require Electricity to work.

The OP here perfectly describes a Motorola Plug Pack for what is obviously a Motorola Modem and then thinks that it works with just the Signal from the Phone Line and one from the computer.

I loved the bit where they say that they unplugged it and the modem stopped working. That in itself should have been perfectly obvious that it is part of the Modem.

Now if I could get all my Electrical Devices to work without needing to plug them in I would be a lot richer. Just wanting it to be that way doesn't make it so.


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